Post Covid Things

A new #postcovidfirst hashtag needs to go viral!

So a while back, I wrote a post listing all the things I would do after COVID restrictions were lifted. Thinking that they would all be gone one day like magic and there wouldn’t still be safety measures in place lol.

But since life isn’t always as we think it will be, none of those things have happened! What I did manage to do, just yesterday, was eat in an ACTUAL RESTAURANT!

Like I went in, sat down in a booth with my parents and a friend of my moms, order from a menu, get food delivered to the table, eat INSIDE AT THE BOOTH and then pay and leave.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s been something that I haven’t done since February.

It was a nice experience – you had to wear a mask when you walked in and there were sanitizer bottles at the door. At this particular place you usually just walk in and sit wherever there is an empty space. And when you go Sunday at 12:30 you might not be able to get a table.

My dad and I arrived together, and he knew the drill. They had been there for the first time just last week (and it used to be an after church every single week thing). The waitress tells us where we can sit, and any table with a sign on it means you can’t sit there.

We pick a booth and as soon as you sit down, you can take your mask off.

Now this area has 2 active cases of COVID and for the most of COVID it’s been zero. My parents’ small town hasn’t had any cases but the surrounded country towns have. So that means that eating in a restaurant is pretty safe I’d say.

Everyone working there had a mask, but that was it. We had to put our masks on when we left and could only exit through a specific door, but all in all the experience wasn’t altered all that much. Except that there were not a lot of people there at all!

My mom and her friend arrived from their church and we enjoyed a nice lunch together. We were asked for our name and phone numbers for contact tracing and that was it!

My mom seems to have forgotten how to be a human in a restaurant, but that’s more of a her issue than a post-covid thing. Since my dad has really bad hearing, he couldn’t really hear the waitress, but I was there to help him out with that.

So I went! And did it! And now I can say #postcovidfirst about it!


Today marks the start of work for me! I have two online sessions for orientation week and tomorrow I get to be in my class, and then will pick up my keys at the new place at 7pm. I have a rental car all week so I can slowly take things over each day. My brother also starts work today! His first day at his new job that he just got! WOOHOO to him!

How’s your last day of August shaping up?

5 thoughts on “Post Covid Things

    • He did!! It was kind of a shock, because he had a first interview and didn’t hear anything for about 2-3 weeks and then they did a 2nd interview and BAM contract sent rather quickly after that. He is excited because he got a pay raise and there is a lot of room for promotion and development for him. Which he hasn’t had in his other jobs? And it’s back to a more creative role than he had before which is amazing for him. He spent his first day doing 5 hours of training videos though haha hopefully today is better for him.


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