Nail Art: Rhinestones

Look at all these shiny things!

So I’ve gotten into this habit of adding nail art supplies to amazon purchases to get it to the $35 minimum for free shipping – shipping may be $5 but let me add this $18 item to get FREE SHIPPING.

It’s worth it. Don’t argue with me lol

On Tuesday I ordered some mask brackets to wear under my mask at work to breathe better, and I needed $17 more to get free shipping! So I ordered some rhinestones! I thought I’d share them here with you since I won’t be doing my nails again until after I move, and when I do I will have to figure out how to do videos without annoying my roommates.

So here they are!

So as you can see, they are pretty and shiny!! All of the containers are the same except for the gold. The rest are a moon/sun theme just in different colours (silver, pink, dark pink, green, multi), the gold container is the one I was really wanting to get! It has lots of shapes that can be layered and used together or separately. And not so much a specific theme.

I love them all! There are gems and decals and chunks of “rock” type things. Each container has three BIG gems in them that I don’t think I would ever even attempt to try to attach to a nail but they can be if you’re skilled enough and don’t use your fingers enough to break them off?

For now, they are packed in a box waiting for my move!

I can’t wait to get into some great designs with them!

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