Another week down…

Like really what else am I gonna say?

Okies, so let’s break this down for you into easy to read categories!

Work: I go back to work on Monday (August 31) after being off for 6 months (since March 13). School was supposed to start on September 8th, but they have pushed it to September 15th to better prepare for the children and our health and safety. So when we do go back, we will have been off 6 months and 2 days. Masks are now mandatory for all students from jk-12 and all staff. Teachers still start on the 31st for online meetings, Tuesday/Wednesday we are setting up our classrooms and then the rest of the time will be professional development and safety training.

Nails: I am still LOVING my nails! I just got a new clear stamper from Amazon since mine seems to be deteriorating. But I’ve had it for about 4 years now so that’s ok. I also just purchased a new set of rhinestones which I will showcase in a post in a few days.

My Health: I haven’t caught the ‘Rona thank goodness but I did have a little bit of a scare earlier this week. Since my room flooded on the 2nd, and I had that smell of mould on the 4th, I have been using a dehumidifier in my room. My landlord and his son (the property manager) seem to think that having it running and there being no smell, means that the problem is fixed. We all know it’s not. So anyway, the dehumidifier has made my throat dry and coughy, and my allergies are off the charts since the water got in. Then late last week, maybe Thursday or Friday, my throat started to feel very restrictive and like hard to breathe. Which is like warning alarms going ITS THE RONA! ITS THE RONA!! DRY COUGH! AAAHHHHH Or my other thought was that mould particles were in my lungs and I was going to die. I went to my doctor and she said it’s just totally intense allergies and to use the spray I have consistently, she gave me a different pill to take daily, AND because my throat has been very restrictive, a PUFFER to help those muscles work easier and better. And if this doesn’t resolve itself after I move then we can consider that I might have developed asthma. Now the body changes every 5-7 years so it’s possible that I just developed asthma on my own and I do have seasonal allergies and environmental allergies, BUT I didn’t have most of these problems until the water made its way under the concrete wall into my room, so I’m chalking ALL of this up to the negligence of my landlord and sent him my bill for medication, which (thankfully) he paid in full.

Moving: I have sorted through my entire room and have a bag and a half of garbage ready (after throwing out a few smaller bags earlier last week) and a huge overflowing basket of stuff for goodwill (think two laundry baskets). And packed a little as I was organizing and now I am going to start packing up the rest today. First to be packed into boxes: my nail stuff. I am deeply saddened. The plan is still to be fully moved out by September 7th.

The Current Living Situation: the upstairs tenant is pushing the landlords for this eviction notice. I was hoping that it would come after I moved out so I didn’t have to deal with the reaction from the roommate, but they said it was going to come this week. It hasn’t yet. So we are just waiting. Apparently the landlord is having a difficult time being convinced by his son and all our evidence that he needs to sign off on this. Upstairs told the son that if they don’t serve the notice soon she will file her own motions against them instead. So then we were told it was coming the next day (three days ago) and still not here. And on top of that, there is a LOT of paranoia going on – upstairs thinks that the roommate is turning off their laundry mid-cycle but the machine is broken (again), the roommate thinks that the upstairs people are messing with his mail…it’s a huge thing. I can’t wait to get out.

Tutoring: today is my last day! We finally told the girl that I was moving. We didn’t want to tell her earlier because we were expecting like a super dramatic emotional response but she was like “yeah cool”. HAHA

Teacher Store: Remember how I was taking a cute little hippo and making decorations and things for my classroom? WELL I SOLD ONE OF THEM ONLINE! I uploaded them all to and one thing sold!! I just finished creating monthly newsletters and calendars and put them up last night so hopefully I can sell some more things! A hippo theme is very niche though so I need to be patient for all my other hippo lovers to pop out of the woodwork.

100-Days: Today is Day 98!! YAY

Life: I’m going to see my parents’ house tonight! I get my rental car at 4, I have to come back and fill it with all the donation items and then leave town, at like 5pm on a Friday…yeah smart….But I wanted the car to carry over to help me bring all my classroom supplies into school that first day we are allowed in our classrooms. Since it’s changed I now have the rental car from Friday 4pm-Tuesday 4pm, then a different bigger one on Thursday from 8am-Friday 8am to do moving things. I’ll be at my parents’ until Monday evening and then come back to the city. I’m not sure if I will risk exposure at Thanksgiving but we will see.

10 thoughts on “Another week down…

  1. Great recap. Sounds like you are all organized with your move. I hear you about wanting to be out before they do the eviction, but at least you won’t be there long. I would hope the landlord would pay for your meds! Have a great time visiting your family.

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    • Lol trying to be organized! Packed up a few more boxes today. But its getting to the “kitchen/clothing” stuff that I can’t really pack just yet. And I’m gonna try to not pack my clothes, just take them over on their hangers and carry them straight to the closet 😂

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    • Oh yes!! I printed my own copy of everything that was specialized to my unique school, and then took out all the my school specific stuff (regular school won’t have reading class in a different language lol) and posted digital copies on teacherspayteachers! So I have my own copy printed and laminated for myself but now anyone else who wants it and doesn’t want to spend the time to create their own can download the items for themselves! Some things are free but most I am selling since they took a lot of effort and time to create


  2. Geez… I cannot wait for you to get out of that living situation. I mean, I know it provides plenty of material for the inevitable sitcom you could sell to some studio in Hollywood. But I’m just not sure it’s worth it at this point.

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  3. It’s all coming together, yay!!

    Although very jealous you get to see family. I haven’t seen my parents since February and thanks to border closures have no idea when I will get to see them again.

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    • Yeah! I was glad to go, even though it does seem like a waste of time. Like I can sit on my laptop at home without renting a car LOL but it was good to see them.

      That’s so sad about border closures! I didn’t realize they were so strict in Australia!?!


      • Yeah, it’s becoming quite the controversy, because we are locked down by state borders. Hard for us – we are the only landlocked state (and in a hot country like us we are all beach lovers) and our state is only 1 town of 400,000 people. Other states can travel within the state to all sorts of lovely destinations…we can go across town, lol.

        They are saying they hope to have open borders again by Christmas, but ??? (it was done to reduce the spread of covid). Some states, like ours, have eliminated covid (for the moment, never a guarantee, but we’ve been about 8 weeks free) and others are still managing cases.

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