Happy Birthday GIF by SalamandraUK

Today is the day! Peeps and Meeps I would like to give a huge massive shout out to each and every one of you!

For if it wasn’t for you, I know I wouldn’t be writing this! My blog is FIVE YEARS OLD TODAY!

I literally have never kept a blog up for longer than 6 months before. I even started a blog the first year I was in South Korea to update everyone back home on what I was doing and all that and couldn’t even keep that going!

But for some reason, here I am, 5 years after I started!! And I know it’s because of all of you. It’s the only thing that has changed! I have never had followers before which meant I never formed a community or bond with the people reading my blog which gives me motivation to keep it up!

I honestly love each and every one of you! I have had a few ups and downs over the years in wanting to keep the blog or wanting to ditch it, literally falling love and breaking my heart over a follower, and now into a season of not really writing a lot, BUT I am so happy that I stuck it out and that I’m here and you’re here too!

I couldn’t ask for anything better than the friendships and supports that I get from all of you! Even though we’ve never met in person, and probably never will, I cherish you all and the impact and value you add to my life!


T ❤

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