More on that later…

Part 1 – Living situation

Ok, so I have been saying “more on that later” for a few things lately and here I am, ready to give you more. But there has to be a few posts or else you’ll be reading like 5000 words because ya know your girl can TYPE.

This “more” is about my current living situation.

A few of you know what has been going on here with my roommate. If you don’t I’m not really going to go into all the details but I will summarize:

I moved in here at the end of July 2019. So I’ve been here just over a year. When I moved in my roommate was a little odd, and we had a few times where there were confrontations, but it’s because his way of “communicating” is exploding with his opinion and then saying “that’s all I’m discussing today” and walking away. It was annoying but I learned to live with him.

Then the people upstairs moved out and we got new people upstairs. And I became friends with them. And the closer I got to them, the less willing I was to put up with his outbursts and started to push back a little. They have taught me a lot and have given me a lot of confidence. Honestly, I basically just let him have his way most of the time because I didn’t want to see what he was going to be like if he was really angry. Part of me was always a little scared to see that, but he had never threatened me personally and I was never the focus of his anger.

Until June.

By that point I had become super close with the people upstairs, being invited over all the time, I tutor up there during the week, etc. And he doesn’t like that I’m not supporting him on complaining over things that don’t bother me.

After the AC incident, I actually complained to the landlord about him. The landlord agreed that it wasn’t fair that I had to deal with him and that he was trying to work it out. Then a little while later, he reached out to myself and the upstairs tenants and said that he is going to pursue the eviction of this tenant who is the problem.

He sent the forms that he needed to fill out and asked for some evidence from myself and the other tenant. We both happily supplied it and now we are waiting for that notice to be served.

At first I had a lot of anxiety over it. Like a lot, a lot.

First of all, I didn’t want it to come back that it was my evidence that was being used. After June, I honestly do not feel safe around this man anymore, and I just don’t know how he is going to react once he gets the notice. And I don’t want any of that anger to come at me. I don’t want it to come at the people upstairs either, but they don’t have to share a living space with him, and one of them is a guard in a jail so like they are a tough family. I am a cotton candy cupcake.

Secondly, I actually felt bad about contributing to it. Let’s go over that again: I felt bad for taking proper rational action against a person who has made my life unenjoyable for the last 12 months. It has gotten a lot worse since COVID started but like duh. Everything is amplified after COVID started haha. But I genuinely feel bad for being part of the process to evict him.

When I moved in, this place was ok, but around October I made the choice to move out this summer. I saved up enough for first/last and was ready to go but then COVID happened. So I put it on the back burner for a while. And then it got worse and I wanted out again. I had an offer to move back in with my nanny family but it fell through (for the best, I am 150% sure) But then the landlord said he was pursuing eviction and if that is actually going to happen, then I was totally fine staying.

I love the people upstairs, and it’s a good location for my current work and current church (which I haven’t been to since March) and life. It’s not the best place, there are a lot of things that need to be fixed and stuff but it was ok and as long as the problem tenant was leaving, then I was ok to stay. I even told my landlord at the beginning of July that once my lease was done at the end of August I was staying.

We all know that I get the keys to my new living situation on September 1st, so obviously this isn’t the end of the story, but more on that later.

So where this is now is: I had the courage to tell my landlord how I was feeling and how this tenant was personally affecting me, the only other person who actually shares the living space with him. I teamed up with the landlord and the upstairs tenants to get a start on an eviction, and we are just waiting for that to be finalized and served to the tenant. IF that even ever happens.

Come back sometime this week for the post on what led to me moving! If I have the motivation to write it….we’ll see haha.

8 thoughts on “More on that later…

    • I know. But I still have problems with feeling guilty over it. And like I fully understand I shouldn’t at all! Even tonight, he confronted me about something with the upstairs people and I refuse to get involved and I still feel bad!! Like it would be SO EASY to text them that he wants to know when they will be done laundry. But I am not his messenger! And I feel bad for not doing it!!!! My brother has told me I am doing the right thing but ugh lol

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  1. Umm, yeah you’ll post. You can’t leave us hanging like that 😉

    You don’t want to fracture the relationship you’ve developed with the upstairs tenants, so definitely keep out of it. And I am still super thrilled you are getting out of there.

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