Sunday Scribblings #14

Aaron’s word this week is wonder.

I am currently wondering what September is going to be like.

First of all, it will be the first time I will be teaching in a classroom since March 13th. That’s six months (less 5 days) that I haven’t been in my class. Or the students, or the other teachers or admin. Parents are going to work, students back to school – it’s all a guessing game.

We were given “The Plan” from our board of directors, which I won’t post about until the parents have been notified, but it’s not super amazing but it’s also workable. There are a few concerns I have and it’s two weeks away from the start of the “teacher orientation” week which is when we set up our rooms and stuff and we just got the plan. Now I am stressing because everything is still so up in the air, the province keeps making new announcements and how can you plan when every two days there’s a new announcement?!

So I really do wonder what September is going to look like at work. It will be a mask filled haze. I know students from kindie to grade 3 aren’t required to wear a mask, but I am hoping that the majority of my class will be. I was told in the middle of this last week that I am for sure teaching grade 2 again and the same 4 subjects that I taught last year. How the day will be structured, we have no idea. We get our time tables during that teacher orientation week to fill out. I wonder if parents will actually keep their children home if they are sick…

I wonder what September will be like because I AM MOVING!!! The bigger story on that will probably come this week if I can muster up the energy to type it out over the course of two posts or so. But I get my keys on September 1st and plan to move over the course of the 3rd and 7th – the upstairs tenants here will help me on the 7th with their pick-up truck for the big stuff and I’m hoping to get the majority moved over with a rental car on the 3rd. That’s the Thursday of teacher orientation week, which is usually an optional day. Otherwise, I will make a lot of trips after work and exhaust myself which is fine too haha. I have the Fri-Sun to organize before the final trip on the 7th. Since it’s the last long weekend of the summer, I couldn’t get a rental car on the Friday or Saturday, so it has to be the Thursday. But I also have my current room until Sept 30th so even if I do need to make a few more trips I can do that after.

I wonder what my new roommates will be like. I wonder if the one I already met has a girlfriend because he is WOW and has already invited me to go to church with him. I wonder what it’s going to be like walking to and from work every day and not taking the bus. I wonder if I will have enough storage in my room now that I bought a shelve from Ikea. I wonder if I will have enough space in my new room with the shelf and chair that I bought and the table that I need to find haha.

I wonder how my roommate will take it when he finds out because I am not telling him. I wonder how he will react when he gets his eviction notice that we are working with the landlord to get served. I wonder when the landlord will actually serve him with it because he’s had our evidence for two weeks and said he was getting “right on it”. I wonder if the landlord will ACTUALLY fix all the mould in my room before renting it out. I wonder if that mould has destroyed my lungs a lot over the last year. I wonder how much better my allergies are going to get once I move from a carpeted basement which apparently has been flooding and growing mould when it rains to an upstairs room with hard wood floors.

I wonder how my life will be like once my 100-days are over. Day 86 today! 14 more days until it’s done, 15 more days until teacher orientation week starts, 16 more days until I get the keys to my new place! I wonder how I will keep up my daily devotions and commitment to my relationship with God. I wonder if I will have the determination to keep the routine I have set for myself once I have to start reintegrating back into work and life.

How about you? What do you wonder about?

If you haven’t had the chance to check out Aaron’s blog, head on over now by clicking his name at the top of this post. Anyone can participate in Sunday Scribblings and I know Aaron would LOVE to read your post!

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