Spring Cleaning In August

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Peeps and Meeps, why is it that I only seem to write on Saturday? It’s not like I’m super busy the rest of the week with soooooo many social engagements that I just can’t possibly find the time to sit and write.

Anyway, today I organized my room. I am going to see my parents in 13 days (not that I’m counting or anything) and I wanted to take a whole bunch of stuff to goodwill. Over the last two weeks my life has kind of been turned upside down and ripped apart (come back tomorrow for more on that) and I needed to refresh and release. One way I like to do that is to just purge my belongings.

I have moved something like 14 times in the last 10 years so I feel like I never really have a lot of extra stuff, so when I went to clean out things today, I didn’t expect to have all that much to give away. I have already filled a laundry basket of things plus a cloth bag beside with some clothes. I have a nice small bag of garbage ready to be donated to the garbage bin, and I am starting to feel lighter and better already.

My room no longer looks like a disaster area, I have a bag full of school supplies that I have to take to my classroom on the 31st when our teacher prep week begins, and I can actually get to my closet without having to basically climb over piles of stuff just to get to a pair of leggings.

I have to admit that a lot of that basket of things to donate were gifts from my students. And I actually feel guilty about donating them but I also can’t hold onto them forever! Because I have moved so often and live in small places, I just don’t have the space to keep everything that they give me! Even just in one year of teaching and missing the “end of the year” gifts! At Christmas I was gifted 4 mugs, and in June the people upstairs gave me another one. I used them all for a while so they have been loved and appreciated but I am donating all of them. And scarves! I am so particular about accessories and this year I was gifted three scarves. I am actually keeping 2 of them! Plus one super thick one I had previously. And donating 4 other scarves. I also have a full dish set – when I purchased it I bought two full sets (8 people worth) but like it’s just me so I can get rid of that extra box which I shouldn’t have even opened when I bought it but it was a great price and it made sense at the time to have more than enough for 4 people.

So overall I am feeling lighter and better and so happy that I took the two hours to focus and get at least a little bit of something done.


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12 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning In August

  1. It does feel good to get rid of the excess, doesn’t it? I have a pile of stuff that we were going to try and sell by having a yard sale but I’m not sure that anyone will want that now. I have to check and see if our donation centers are open and we have a pick up scheduled for September. Can you teach in your classroom via zoom? Our daughter is going to be able to go into the classroom this year even though the kids are not. It is good for her to get out of her room and that way she can use the supplies at school.

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  2. Extra points for the DW gif. OMG that show was my childhood. We have all of the episodes downloaded, including the newer ones (it’s terrible… you don’t wanna watch new Arthur, trust me). My husband never outgrew Arthur and he still watches it on a regular basis… and he’s 30.


  3. Wanna come here? My house could use your services. We have piles of bags, boxes, old furniture stacked in every available nook and cranny but nowhere for it to go because things have been closed or not taking donations. Going to have to toss soon because I won’t be able to cope with it much longer and we will need ti gone before Ludo gets here. I’m very much a spring clean person and that’s just around the corner…

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