Sunday Scribblings #13

Aaron posted the word “code” for inspiration last week, and I’m a little behind due to some personal things going on but I’ve got a post!

Do you ever feel like the person you are speaking to is talking in code? I have a male friend of mine who I always feel like this with. We met on a dating app, met once and then over the course of 3 months had like 4 “cuddle dates”. Aka he came over to my house, we’d watch Netflix and just snuggle in on the bed. So we met on a Tuesday, he came over on the Friday, and then we didn’t see each other for two months, then a few more times he comes over. Whenever he wanted to. Usually pretty late.

I was not down to becoming his snuggle-time booty call so things ended but we agreed to stay friends. Then a little bit later I started my 100-days but I kept that friendship open. I didn’t want to be all “hey so we just got to a nice place to be friends now don’t talk to me for 100 days” that would just be crazy.

So now when we talk, it usually circles back somehow to me being mean/rude. And I have no idea where it is coming from. It’s like I have to over-analyze everything that he says instead of taking it at face value and then we end up in an almost argument and the conversation ends because he just stops replying and moves on I guess?

He let it slip last week that he misses me, and that apparently I don’t miss him so he takes it back? It was COMPLETELY out of no where and then I feel bad because I didn’t even think he cared all that much and BAM almost fight and silence again. I have nothing to feel bad about, even though I still feel bad.

I don’t understand him. But I’m also thinking that we can’t just be friends….

8 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #13

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    • We had kind of a rocky/weird start and then when we were “together” we weren’t even really dating? And when I wanted to move it into something more he was all excuses and reservations and then my feelings changed after a bit of a break from seeing each other. So we decided to be friends. I had no idea he ever had any type of feelings between us so his “I missed you, but I guess you don’t miss me so I’ll take it back” kind of blind sided me lol


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