My little hobby

It’s been asked that I share a little bit of a semi-hidden hobby with you all so here I go!

I’m a little bit of an amateur photographer. I have had no formal training and haven’t taken a picture for this hobby in QUITE some time, but I do enjoy it. I am starting to learn a few more of the settings on my camera (Nikon D3000) which I purchased in 2011. Yeah, almost 10 years old and don’t know how to use all of it. But when I go out with it, I try my best.

My dad was a free-lance photographer back in the day and actually sold a few of his photographs! So it’s kind of like this family thing that we all like to pretend that we’re good.

I really got into it when I was in South Korea the first time (Nov 2010-Nov 2011). Since then I have refined a bit and used the “auto” setting a lot. During my second contract in South Korea (Nov 2015-Oct 2016) I traveled a lot more and saw a lot more things in the country, and visited a lot of the same places I did the first time just to appreciate them all over again. But I also had my camera out during the yellow dust and now the auto function doesn’t work so if I want to zoom or focus or do anything I have to do it myself. Pretty sure the dust got into the lens…Which is good because I am learning more and more as I go. But like I said, I don’t get the chance to use it too much.

I have posted before about this and even posted a link to a viewbug profile that I had. But I have since deleted that account and have started a new on on a different site, Picfair, which will sell my photographs for me!

It’s always been a dream of mine to have someone buy my photographs! When I first posted about this, a fellow blogging friend of mine loved one of the pictures I posted, so I sent a digital copy to her and she printed and framed it for her house. Which was amazing!

I do have a “photography 101” category if you wanted to check out some of my pictures. I took a course through the blogging university thing that WordPress used to have. I’m not sure if the links still work or if the pictures still appear, and I’m not so invested in my blog to go back and fix any that don’t appear in the posts anymore LOL but if you are wanting to check out what I have on picfair, please feel free to check out my store.

12 thoughts on “My little hobby

  1. I didn’t know that about you! I love photography too… I did a few freelance photography gigs and I was even published twice in magazines, but then it became this super competitive stressful thing and I mostly gave up… But I miss it a lot. I’m starting about actually having my camera repaired so I can start shouting again, but just for fun. I’ll have a look at your Picfair account!

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  2. Yay, I finally got to see some of your photos (the old blog posts don’t work for me). You have some gorgeous photos there. I bet you will sell something to a stranger if they can find your shop (don’t know how the site works). Good on you, T!!

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