What I’ve been watching

Just like everyone else, I have been watching a ton of Netflix over quarantine, so I decided to make a post about what I have been watching and some thoughts on all those things.

Now this is going to be a semi-long list. It also encompasses March-August haha. It is also comprised of a lot of shows that have been recommended by Paul. If y’all don’t know him, check out his blog. We’ve been blogging buddies for like, I don’t know, three-ish years probably? It’s been a heck of a long time. One day a super long time ago, he suggested a show and it rocked so his choices are always added to the list to try out.

These are not in any order, just random on what I remember.

Tiger King – WOW, I was sucked right in!
Unsolved mysteries – not as creepy as expected but it was still good!
Love Is Blind Reunion Show – like oh man, I still don’t like Jessica! GRRR
The Babysitter’s Club – was shocked that I loved this show SO SO MUCH
Outer Banks – this one took a long time to get into. I usually give 3 episodes to be impressed but by the end I was hooked. Shows like this I think are better suited to a movie or a limited mini-series but I will still watch season two when it comes out
Ozark – I watched 5 episodes this week and I won’t be watching anymore. I don’t know if I’m getting old and my hearing is going but I could barely hear the dialogue and had to have subtitles on which gave me a headache to read. And it was so dark! Why was everything so dark?! And maybe it’s a by-product of my 100-days of spiritual regrowth, but I was not impressed with the language and the nudity…
Sugar Rush Extra Sweet – I always love this show! And Naya Rivera was a guest judge which was bitter sweet since her drowning happened just a few weeks before.
The Great Canadian Baking Show – LOVED, although not super impressed that the third season had new judges. Dan Levy is amazing and should come back lol
The Big Show Show – meh. It was only 8 episodes long and after 3 I was still meh but I finished it anyway. I googled and the guy is literally 7 feet tall which is insane! If God wants to send me a 7 foot man I would not complain.
The Night Manager – this was a rewatch. I had prime for 30 days and I watched this again and I love it. Loved it the first time a few years ago, and loved it again this time. Also got my dad and brother to watch it and my dad said it was the best show he had seen in months.
The Nanny – again a rewatch on Prime.
2 Broke Girls – another rewatch on Prime!
The Big Flower Fight – YES YES YES! It’s these types of reality shows, and the baking, that I just adore.
Dear White People – I watched 2.5 episodes. Just like Ozark, the language and nudity just killed it for me.
Sherlock – another rewatch but you can never go wrong with the BBC Sherlock!
The Simpsons – working on this still! I started in February when I had laryngitis and got Disney+. I’m on season 15 now.
New Girl – this is another rewatch, I started it on Tuesday to fill in some time haha

If you have any suggestions on shows I might like, hit me up in the comments below! I am always looking for something new to watch! Thanks Paul for all of your recommendations already, I lost the list so if I’m missing any that you suggested just let me know!

10 thoughts on “What I’ve been watching

  1. I’ve watched the Great British Baking show with my daughter and liked it. Some of those challenges are crazy! Is the Sherlock the one with Benedict Cumberbatch? I love that show. Named our dog Benny after him 🙂 My husband and I have been watching Person of Interest. We are on Season 2 but aren’t watching quite as much since “real” baseball is back on.

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  2. Love the Great British Baking Show – although it isn’t on Netflix here, but on Foxtel which I don’t have so haven’t seen any of it for years sadly. Love Sherlock, Sugar Rush (Adriano Zumbo is much better than when he started on TV here – he has a show called Zumbo;s Just Desserts and in series 1 he is very stilted), Big Flower Fight etc.

    If you want a few more like that you could try Next in Fashion which is the same as Blown Away, Flower Fight etc but for fashion designers. Crazy Delicious is another cooking show, as well as The Final Table.

    I’m rewatching Criminal Minds on Amazon Prime at the moment, and a whole bunch of scandanavian noir and British crime shows on a free-to-air but (but streaming on catch-up) crime shows.

    I’m also watching the second movie of a whole bunch of netflix YA movies (Kissing Booth 2, To All The Boys 2 etc)

    And I’m assuming you have watched Schitt’s Creek (with Dan Levy – and his Dad and sister actually). Love that!


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