Classroom Prep

Pandemic Prep is a while new adventure!

So the school year is coming up quickly and we are just getting the announcements from our minister of education to what our schooling is going to look like in the fall. Working at a private school means that we have a little more say in what we do, and we can add more health and safety procedures if we want to which is amazing.

But the thing that doesn’t change is that I will get to decorate my classroom! YAY! Now that I am a permanent employee I created my own decoration package, and I showed you all the hippo that I was going to be editing to create my own things. It didn’t take too long to get everything made that I will need, there are still a few things that I want to create but they aren’t essential to starting in September – especially since my co-workers think we will be at school for like 2 weeks and then shut down again.

But either way, I wanted to show you the lovely things I made!

And of course, since I had to cut everything out before laminating, I had a nice little groove in my thumb from using the scissors, since they are for right handed people and I am left handed.

I still have to cut out the laminated things and then put magnets on the back of some of them. They turned out SO MUCH CUTER than I was expecting and I love them!

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