Nail Art: Glitter Inlay

It’s a new week, which means I have new nails!

So my last nails were on for a week but the few tiny little mistakes were kind of bothering me so since it was raining all day Sunday last weekend, I decided to redo my nails.

I was super excited to do these nails since the day before, I went to the dollar store and got all these amazing glitters and sequins.

Do you see these beauties?! $6 for 36 different types! HELLO MY LOVES! They also had these little tiny balls but I didn’t get them. The crafting section is so dangerous!

Here is the inspiration picture I was working from:

It’s a glitter inlay, which means that you put down the thinnest layer of gel onto your natural nail, then apply the glitter before you cure it. Then cure, and clean off the excess. Then you put clear gel over top and finish as you normally would.

Obviously, I made a video! This set took SO LONG. Like I started setting up at 8:30am and finished at 1:30pm. Yeah. I told you it was long! But really like it was an hour to take off the polish and file it all down. I literally took off as much as possible. And for those two accent nails I had to take off all the product and start with a new nail. Then once it was done I had to find something new to watch on my netflix which took some time. Then I had to build out a full new set of nails because nothing was left after all that filing haha. And I was standing and walking around for a bit because my back was hurting from sitting in the chair. So that was about an hour or an hour and a half since I had to to two half nails on each side and do the inlay on those nails. Then I took a break for lunch. And then I just had to file, reshape, and top coat. I didn’t use any nail polish colours at all! Just a clear top coat! YAY!

I knew it would be a long adventure and I was prepared for it when I started out. Here is the video explaining the steps:

And here is the final product on my nails:

The ends of the nails totally flare out but I have figured out why!! It’s how I have been putting the forms on. I make them too flat and not round enough when I put them on. But when the nails grow out, that is corrected because what is on my natural nail is the right shape instead of what I free-hand on the form.

I did 95% of the filing with my electric drill this time and WOW what a difference. I loved it!

I love these nails and will let them grow out for a few weeks before I change them I think. Even if I get bored with them, I will probably just throw on some regular polish on the top for a change.

Now to attempt to transfer all those fine glitters and sequins into seal-able baggies….

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