Warm Fuzzies: Chess

Pandemic crafting!!

As most of you know, I have developed a lovely friendship with the family upstairs. They are amazing. They are expecting a little babe in October, their 4th, so I set out to knit him a baby blanket.

I started back in May and didn’t want to go out or order yarn for it so I was restricted to what I had on hand.

I had one ball of this colour, one of this. I laid them all out on my bed and sent a picture to my mom. She is a pro at putting together colour combos and she suggested black/grey/white/red.

I got started and decided to do black/grey/white. I had hoped that I would have enough for the whole blanket with those three colours. I also, for the first time ever, started to mix colours within one square.

I eventually ran out of the black, and didn’t have enough squares to make a blanket.

So I took my mom’s advice and pulled out the red. Then it hit me! Black and red! CHECKERS!

So I googled how many squares on a regular checker board and while I had about 10 more black ones than I needed, I made enough red ones and had just enough red to get them done. Then I stitched them together, put a border around it, and added my personal clothing tag that says “love always, T” on it.

But it still wasn’t special enough! So I crocheted up some letters (first time for that too!) and added them in. Since it’s a perfect square (8×8), I couldn’t get the letters exactly in the middle but I am going to ignore that fact and focus on the fact that the blanket is adorable.

11 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzies: Chess

    • Thanks! This is all crochet and I’m self taught from youtube. Semi-self taught for knitting but my mom did the fundamentals and tries to help me out if I get stuck with projects but shes right handed and I’m left so it makes it very difficult to help sometimes.

      And they loved it!! The mom said they’d bring the baby home from the hospital with it 🥰🥰

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      • Oops, my bad. I know better than to say knitting instead of crocheting! 🤦‍♀️ that’s really impressive that you used YouTube to learn how to crochet. I tried that once and it was really hard – I gave up after a couple of attempts.

        So happy that the family loved it. That’s awesome! ♥️

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