Sunday Scribblings #12

The word Aaron gave us this week was immortal.

Do you want to be immortal? What would that even mean? Leaving all your friends behind as they got old and completed their life cycles by reaching death? How would that even work?

But don’t we, as writers, strive to be immortal? Our words and thoughts out there for the rest of eternity with our names attached to them? Isn’t that the dream?

William Shakespeare lived like a bazillion years ago, but I still quote Hamlet act 3, scene 3, line 92, “no”. I quote him on a daily basis LOL

My blogger friend Catherine just had her first novel published. She has reached the dream! Her words are forever encased in a book and out there for people to read, even long after she’s gone (not that I’m saying that will happen anytime soon).

And aren’t we, as bloggers, striving for the exact same thing? In just a few short weeks, NLFF will be 5 years old. FIVE. YEARS. OLD. Like how super amazing is that?! I’ve stuck with this baby for 5 whole years!

Let’s suppose, for a moment, that I can keep it up for a while longer, and then I either die or just stop posting but never delete my blog – am I then immortal because my words are left here for all to read with my pseudonym Giggling Fattie attached to them?

Or let’s suppose that one dating profile that I hid all the way back in February to take a break from the stream of poop-faces that were messaging me? I have unsubscribed from all the emails they send, and deleted the app from my phone, but I didn’t actually delete my profile. I don’t even remember my username or password to get back into it. So will I just keep on being there? Immortalized but hidden within the memory of the website for all eternity?

This internet thing is a strange place. While I am sure that I have deleted old blogs from when I was younger, do our postings every really go away? What about the Neopets profile I had when I was 12?! Is it still there?!

Are we all, in a sense, going to be immortal based off of our electronic presence?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #12

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  3. They say what you post on the internet is there forever, so I guess that means our memory will live on forever – if anyone cares enough to read anything that we had put out there. And I think that is probably the difference because most people won’t care. Shakespeare is a little more famous than me, lol.

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