Stage 3

As of 12:01 this morning, Toronto is officially in stage 3 of reopening!

What does that mean exactly?

Well for my life not much honestly. Toronto has had a great week for new cases! From July 25-28 we’ve had 15/7/6/4 new cases reported. Like that’s amazing! All of Ontario has been under 100 cases for a few days as well. It’s super amazing. But it doesn’t mean that we get comfy and start being reckless either. As Mad Eye Moody would say:

guest ann GIF

So Stage 3 for Toronto means that basically everything is open again, but with social distancing guidelines and mandatory masks in public places. You can eat in a restaurant, go to the library, shopping malls, movie theatres are slowly reopening with reduced capacity, indoor gatherings can go up to 50 and outdoors are now 100.

What won’t be opening are:

  • amusement parks and water parks
  • buffet style restaurants
  • dancing at bars/pubs (you can go inside to drink but you have to remain seated at your table)
  • overnight stays at camps for children
  • private karaoke rooms
  • prolonged/deliberate contact during sports
  • saunas/steam rooms etc
  • table games at casinos

The plan to reopen schools was announced. A lot of people are upset, but honestly I think it’s about as decent of a plan as we can get. Remember that I am in a private school so I’m just listing off the most basic of things that would apply to us since we are not publicly funded in anyway.

  • Parents have the choice to send students or not
  • inside social distancing should be at least 1 meter at all times
  • masks are mandatory for students from grade 4-12, recommended for lower grades
  • high school will be half online/half in class
  • high school classes will be kept to 15 students or less
  • all staff must wear masks/shields
  • increased cleaning

There is obviously a lot more than that but those are the main points that I took away from the press conference.

So like basically 99% of everything is opening up with restrictions. It doesn’t affect my life too much but I feel lighter after the announcement.

The last week or so I have felt the itch to get out and start doing things. It really started last weekend and I can tell you the moment that it did: the second my new masks got out of the wash.

I had ordered some masks from Old Navy. They have sets of 5 for $15 or you can get a set of 10 for $30. The sets of 10 have diverse patterns but some of them I didn’t like so I went for two sets of 5. Still getting 10 for $30 and free delivery which meant they arrived almost three weeks after I ordered them. I’m actually considering ordering more….

And I LOVE THEM. They are cute! I purchased a set of polka dots (3 patterned and 2 plain) and then a floral set (two patterned and 3 plain) so I will be all set for at least going to work in September. And they fit my face really well, and just from how they are cut and sit on my face, my glasses don’t fog up as much as with the mask I was previously wearing.

Now that I have 11 masks, instead of just 1, I feel like I have more freedom to go out and do things. I’m not limited by having to wash/disinfect my mask so much. Honestly I was even starting to get relaxed with that – oh just riding the bus to this one place and back again? I’ll let it sit for the next four days before I wear it to go grocery shopping. Not the best, but it worked for me.

Now I have two bags: a small ziplock to put my used mask in while I’m out, and a large one to collect all my used masks at home. I used to wash them but now I bake them.

YES! Bake them! My dad does it in his toaster oven (he’s a germ guy so he understands things). If you have a toaster oven, set it at 150-160 degrees and throw your mask in for 40 minutes. Of course, if you have elastic bands on it maybe test it out first. I only have a regular oven which goes down to 170 degrees. So 30 minutes is all I need. I tested it out and the elastics didn’t melt so that’s what I’ll be doing from now on! Much better than washing and breathing in those chemicals I think.

I will be seeing my work friends again on Tuesday, and actually going to the salon right before! But that’s a post for next week!

What stage is your area in? Should you really be in it?

14 thoughts on “Stage 3

  1. We’re in stage 3. It seems that the entire world has seen an uptick in cases. I don’t know if that means we’re just testing more people, or people have had enough of isolation and are taking risks.

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    • I think a mix of both to be honest. Even here people are being reckless. And the cases are now showing up in younger people (18-30 I think) because they have got “distancing fatigue” they want to go out and see friends and socialize like before. No problem for me since I didn’t do that before πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I am missing going to church but I’m in the process of searching out a new one and the old one is doing a few things I don’t like so I watch from home


  2. We are heading into troubled waters here in Australia- my poor friends in Melbourne are locked in and very unhappy- young people are still partying & travelling, flouting rules (see my last post re 1000 young folk going to a Bush doof dance party 30mins from my house) 😩
    I’m glad you’re feeling positive and safe T πŸ™πŸΌβ€οΈ

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    • I have heard that Australia has went back into lock down! I’m so sad to hear it! I’m just excited to get back to work at the end of August and into my class. I miss it and want to get back to it. A few other things not really positive haha but I am staying safe and have some great support systems I can access!

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      • Umm, don’t believe everything you read! Like Bone&Silver said (who must live less than 2 hours away from me!), one state has gone into lockdown (Victoria). From Victoria there have been outbreaks in NSW and Queensland, but NSW have been managing to keep cases around 20/day and have tracked the source of all the cases as they are diagnosed so far. Queensland had some stupid 19 and 21 year olds who lied about being in Victoria and didn’t follow the rules to self-isolate, so some areas where they live have closed etc – waiting to see what happens there.

        But Western Australia, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory and ACT (where I live) have no or very limited cases (eg we have 1 case that is recovering from 3 weeks ago).

        We’re currently at stage 2.2 in easing of restrictions. That’s essentially 1 person per 4m2 in venues with max 100 people, keep 1.5m away, no masks unless business chooses to mandate (some ask but don’t require people to wear them), theatres/concert halls etc open, movies open, full contact sport okay etc.

        Schools have been back full time for us since June.

        We were going to go to level 3 a couple of weeks ago but they put that on hold while they waited to see what happened after Victoria had the outbreak. Rumour has it we might get to level 3 on Friday.

        The one thing I think is a little bonkers in your level 3 is: Parents have the choice to send students or not. That is a total nightmare – you will have to teach face to face and online if parents choose not to send their kids. I think that is silly. Kids either go to school or they don’t. But that’s just my 2c, lol.

        So glad you are going to be able to start back in class though, and that you can get out and about a little more. Have fun!

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        • Just checked out Bone&Silver’s page – nope not close. Apparently there have been 2 major dance parties in the Aussie bush in the last week *sigh*. At the one closer to me police broke the party up and managed to arrest and fine quite a few.

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        • Oooh okies! Well I’m glad its just a few spots that are having little flare ups! πŸ™‚

          One school board that my friend teaches in and has her son registered in has until the 14th to decide about online or in-person. And they have to stick to that choice for the whole year so schools can properly divide students and stuff.

          Some parents have health problems or their kids do or whatever else. I think its ok to keep them at home. There was something mentioned about live simultaneous streaming but I think just for older grades. I have no idea how we will do online and in class. It will be EXHAUSTING to do both. Like teach and then record lessons!? I can’t live stream from a grade 2 classroom lol

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  3. Hah, really taking over your blog today…meant to also say, your face masks are really cheap! Here to buy a cloth one (a single one) that is 3 layers costs about $40. Today on my to do list is to make my own face masks for the fam (while not required we want to respect shops that have asked us to wear them).

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    • I was wearing it before it was mandatory as well. Why are they so expensive? Some masks are super expensive like that here too if you get them from a person but some retailers are putting out good bundles.


  4. Unfortunately we’ve taken a step backward and things may be closing again. We were the only county not on the governor’s “Watch List” for a while. Congrats to you guys for making some progress!

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