Nail Art Day

A cute, simple, and summer appropriate mani to brighten even the most boring of pandemic life.

So last week I tried to do my nails and I hated how they looked so I didn’t share them. If you check the video at the end you can see them a little bit.

I was frustrated and disappointed over how long it took to do them. I love my fake nails. I love how they look and how I can keep my manicure on point for a long time and no nails are going to rip after two days and ruin everything. As long as I build the support areas up well. I love the added sass to my life I get from having fake nails – not that I need any extra sass…

I loved my last manicure, the neon ones with the citrus. As I was filing the colour off using my electric file, it took over an hour to get just the pink off! Then I had to fill at the back and fix a few that had just cracked a tiny bit. But nothing major. That pushed me to 2.5 hours. Then I had to polish them?! By the end I was 3.5 hours in and I hated how they looked. I was hot and exhausted and annoyed. I was starting to think that I wouldn’t be able to keep this amazing hobby up.

In hopes of finding the joy again, I ordered a new drill bit. I have named it “the beast” because she is one! Massive teeth on this baby. Take a look:

Using this bit, polish removal went from over an hour to 20 minutes. TWENTY MINUTES!!!

I also ordered some other things: a nail art tool, and some peel off liquid latex.

Then I set out about picking a design and settled on this for inspiration:

Now I don’t have either colours OR the flat circle decals, but I knew I could make it work!

I picked out two colours, and grabbed a stamping plate. I could get the straight across line using one of my plates, and test out the liquid latex as well. Then I picked out some gems to test out the wax picker upper thingy. In the end, they turned out AMAZING!! I love them so so so so much! Take a look:

Of course there is a video if you wanted to listen/watch how I did them!

They will stay at least a week or possibly two. I didn’t have to fill in the nails at the back so they took just under two hours!! So much better than 3.5!! And I am back to being excited about exploring my nails and things!!!

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