Is anyone else missing the joys of seeing people who you don’t live with?

Today I had the joy of seeing some amazing people. It was the first purely social event I have been to since March 13th. One that didn’t involve people that share the same address as me or my parents.

And it was AMAZING.

I have a whatsapp group chat with 4 other teachers from my school. Two are no longer teachers there as they declined to renew their contracts (life happens) but we all decided that we needed to see each other. We have been saying it since April and it just happened today.

All the other grade 1-3 teachers were invited, but 2 couldn’t come. But those two are the oldest. We still love them dearly, but we had a great time all the same. One of the teachers from the middle/high school came too but he’s a younger guy (around my age I think) so he fits right in with all of us.

And it was just so great! I mean we met at a park really close to the school and we set up chairs and blankets and people brought some snacks and some amazing things and it was just about 10-12 of us sitting and talking and being our big happy family together! Lots of air hugs and kisses were given, and we were sitting closer than 6 ft but no physical contact.

We were together for 2 hours and then it was a torrential downpour and we all scattered. I was offered a ride home just before it started raining and I was all “oo no it’s fine!” but I knew I couldn’t talk my way out of it, and as soon as we reached the parking lot from our shaded gathering it was a monsoon out there. I was soaked just running the 10 steps from the car to my house door after getting dropped off!

We are planning another for next Tuesday because we love each other and it’s insane that we waited so long to do this. And I honestly feel so weird – like it was so immensely nice to have social time but also felt so weird to be having it. I can’t wait to see them all again next week!

11 thoughts on “Socialization

  1. Doing something fun and enjoying the experience is a very euphoric feeling! ✨

    Next Tuesday happens to be my birthday 🍰🥳 I don’t have plans that day. Was planning to get cake. I do like the idea of having a picnic in the park one day!

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        • That sounds pretty awesome! How are the covid numbers out there? Toronto is still in the “stage 2” of 3 for reopening but probably another week or so and we’ll get to stage 3. Everyone else is there except for Peel and Windsor

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          • Last time I checked, Calgary was in Stage 2 but I’m not sure what stage we’re in now. They’re making masks mandatory as of Aug 1. Im not sure why it’s taken them so long to implement the mask policy. My mom says the mask policy has been a thing in Ontario for a while. She lives in Waterloo.

            The COVID-19 numbers dropped but they are back up again as of last week. Idk what the exact numbers are since I stopped following stats a couple months ago. We are apparently an epicenter for the pandemic right now. This probably happened after people stopped following the social distancing rules. That being said, this doesn’t stop me from leaving the house to run errands, and I use precautions and best judgement wherever I go.

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            • Yeah masks have been mandatory for all of July here in Toronto in all public indoor spaces. Waterloo was around the same time. I grew up in Kitchener!

              We are an epicentre as well – but mostly because of our airport. Probably the same for Calgary. We only had 5 new cases in the last 24 hours but something like 50 on the weekend. Slowly and steady we go! Im not really doing much but part of that is because I don’t have an unlimited bus pass right now haha but when I do go out I’m comfortable doing things!

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              • Wow, small world! I wonder if we ever crossed paths? I have grandparents who live in Kitchener, near Stanley Park Mall. Next time I’m in Toronto, I’ll let you know and maybe we can meet up for coffee. My in-laws live near Toronto!

                I had originally planned to visit Ontario this summer, but not anymore. Usually I spend a couple weeks in Ontario during the Christmas holidays too. My mom said to stay in Calgary until this pandemic is under control…. I just dunno when things will be back to “normal.” Haha I can relate to the unlimited bus pass! I haven’t had a bus pass in months and I’m so used to having one. It was one of the perks of being a student!

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                • 😂😂 I grew up in that area too!

                  My bus pass isn’t the perk of being a student but I was able to cancel my discount plan in March when this thing started to get real. I’ll reactivate it at the end of August. Theres no need to do it before then.

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                  • Oh wow, a very small world indeed! Same…I’m planning to reactive mine once the university re-opens. I heard rumors that campus is re-opening beginning of August but I’m doubtful. I’m still waiting for the main campus library to reopen, which has been one of the biggest disappointments this year lol never thought I could miss a library so much! 😭😭

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  2. I love picnics. Sounds like it was a great time. It’s been too cold here to want to picnic, but as soon as we get a change in weather I’ll be dragging the family on one 🙂

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