Sunday Scribblings #11

Well Well Well if It Isn't the Consequences of My Own Actions

This week’s word from Aaron is fallout. Have you looked at his blog yet? Thought about joining Sunday Scribblings? Take the plunge today!

I’m kind of feeling this one on a personal level today – already the day is a little off. I had planned to have a nice lovely breakfast of french toast and bacon, which is honestly very rare for me. First of all, I literally can not remember the last time I bought bacon was. I hate cooking bacon. It’s messy and it splatters and I like it super crispy so I’m usually scared that the fire alarms will go off. But I planned ahead today. I cooked the bacon YESTERDAY.

And I wanted to sleep in. Instead of getting up at 6, I wanted to get up at 7. Which would have been lovely! But the roommate woke me up at 5:20, and 6:30 by going outside. I was probably already rousing naturally since this woke me up, but still. He then decided to cook his own big Sunday breakfast making a lot of noise, turning on the fan over the stove, all before 7. I could have gotten up but I laid in bed, stewing a little bit but also thinking that if I stayed in bed until 7, when I did eventually get out, he’d be out of the kitchen. And he was! I also took that awake time to pray for a correction in attitude today. I think I’ll be praying that a lot today.

Then after breakfast, it was walk time! I’ve been leaving my house around 7:10 lately since I’m up at 6 every day. But today it was an hour later. Even with the cooking of the big breakfast. Since I was an hour later, which I knew I would be by sleeping in, it was hotter and more sweaty that normal.

And now I’m here, typing this, instead of doing it earlier, because I only decided to sleep in when I went to bed last night. Like I said, usually I am up at 6 and home from my walk by 8:30, not 9:30, which gives me time to write a post for Sunday Scribblings and get it posted before 9. Or I’ll even write it a day or two earlier. But not today.

But then it worked out perfectly, since the topic for today is fallout, which I take to mean “consequences” and this is the consequence of my own actions. Perfect topic this week, Aaron!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #11

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  3. I have the perfect way to cook crispy bacon (actually however you like it) with zero mess…

    Line an oven tray with baking paper. Lay your bacon rashers on top and then cover with another piece of baking paper. Put another tray (or cake tin or whatever) on top to weigh the paper down. Bake in the oven. Mess free and cooks brilliantly 🙂

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