It’s almost August…

Like when did that happen?!

For some reason, July has flown by! And it’s not like I’ve been really busy either. Just a normal routine giving me lots of relaxing time every day.

I got to see my parents on the 10th-11th. I was at their home for a grand total of 21 hours. Not a lot, my brother stayed for a whole week, but it was good to go out and see them. I’ve already planned another trip for the very last weekend in August. This time I will stay about 26 hours haha but I start work the very next day and I want to be able to see them. We don’t know what the pandemic will look like after schools reopen and I want to be able to see them as close to the start of school as possible. I might even consider adding an extra day onto my rental just to spend a little more time out there. We will see.

When I went to see them, I was supposed to meet Le Brother’s new girlfriend. Literally the first person he has called a girlfriend in the romantic way since high school (he’s 34). It was a big thing. He had met her parents and they were almost two months in and being happy. And then she told him there was no spark and that she couldn’t force feelings and that she was done. That was on a Thursday, then on the Monday he was terminated from his job “due to COVID” but he says it was more like a nation-wide thinning using the pandemic as a cover up. Then on Friday he drove to my parents for the weekend. He has a job interview this Wednesday so pray for success!

But things for me have been ok. I do my 6.5km walk in the morning, tutor, crunches and squats, lunch, read under a tree, dinner, relax. It’s a nice way to spent the day. I’m getting to see my work friends on Monday and I could not be happier! It’s supposed to rain but last I checked only in the afternoon so we are still hoping to go ahead with it.

My exercising has been going well. I never thought I’d be so into it, but once the routine was set, my whole day is weird if I don’t follow through. I am walking my 6.5km in the morning, but I will be disconnecting my Strava account. I have finished all the challenges I was signed up for and now that I’m not really challenging myself to get into the fitness routine, I don’t really need it. I was enjoying it to record how far I was walking but now I know how long my loops are so I don’t really need it for that either. Plus the GPS on it has been messing up a lot. My regular hour loop is (I think) 6.5 km. I used to record it between 6.4 and 6.8 kms. Last week it recorded it at 7.88! That’s impossible!

I am doing 100 sit-ups/crunches every day but my abs are not feeling the burn. Like not even a little soreness so I don’t think how I am doing it is really having the desired affect. I use my exercise ball to support my back and hips but I will try the floor this week, maybe reverse crunches lol. I am slowly increasing my squats with my goal to get to 100 every day. This week was 30 and I was doing side stepping squats (15 on each side). They are much easier for my body and joints than just regular standing squats. Starting tomorrow I bump up to 40 per day and I think I will try sumo squats. I love mixing it up so I don’t get bored.

I did do my nails last weekend but they ended up looking stupid (in my mind) so I didn’t post. But today I will be trying out some new things I ordered and there will be a video and post coming soon.

Prep for school is going well. We will don’t know if we are going back full time or half in class and half online or what is happening. I have created as much as I can right now and will leave the rest until we know. I technically don’t even know what grade I will be teaching – although I reached out and asked my principal and he said he can’t forsee taking me out of grade 2 which is great because I have plans to make it better than last year.

Finally, I am on day 64 of my 100 days to repair my faith. I finished my one devotional book “The King’s Daughter” and will be moving on to “The Purpose Driven Life”. I am looking into new churches because I am realizing that I am not being fed where I am and that needs to change. I still haven’t gone in person to my church even though it has been open for a few weeks now. But I try to listen to the Sunday sermon online.

How your week been? Anything new and exciting happening where you are?

6 thoughts on “It’s almost August…

  1. Nice that you could see your parents. We have two of our kids living with us but the oldest is on her own and has been visiting her grandmother in Oregon for six weeks. I do get to see her today so that will be nice. I know what you mean about feeling the burn when you exercise. I was trying to do some arm ones but didn’t feel anything much either and after doing them for a month didn’t measure any decrease either so I stopped. Bummer about your brother. Can’t believe we’ve gone through four months of this stuff.

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    • Seeing my parents was so nice! 7 months of apart time. I have a feeling it will be a long stretch again after September. But we know its probably coming this time. I’ve gone long stretches when I was living over seas but not when I was so close. I can’t wait for a vaccine to be ready for us all!

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  2. Oh, your poor brother. That’s tough. Why is it that bad stuff always seems to come in a clump? I hope he smashes the job interview. And yay on you with all you’ve achieved and are still achieving. I was thinking of you today. I saw a little trio of silver hippos (cuties!). They were sitting on their haunches doing the hear/see/speak no evil thing.

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