It only took four years

And a pandemic, but I finally did it!

Funny how this seems to be a common phrase for me lately. “It only took *insert unnecessarily long amount of time* and a pandemic but I finally

  1. Cut out harmful habits out of my life
  2. Built a relationship with God
  3. Began eating healthier
  4. Started really exercising at home
  5. learned how to do fake nails
  6. create my own classroom decoration package
  7. clean my cabinets in the kitchen
  8. organize my closet one area at a time (just one shelf left)
  9. purchase a new comforter set for my bed
  10. started standing up for myself with my landlord (maybe a post coming)

And the newest thing to add to the list was to buy a grocery cart! I know it’s not at life changing as the rest, but it has been pretty life changing.

Before the pandemic, every week when I did my grocery shopping, I would take two cloth bags, hop on the bus, get all the things I needed, and shoulder the bags to the bus stop to come home. Even if they were super heavy, it honestly wasn’t that much of a pain because I was just walking to the bus, and then down my street once I got off.

But then the pandemic hit.

I stopped going out for groceries (didn’t go into a store for six-weeks straight!) and had them delivered instead. It was nice because I could shop for two weeks and then get heavier things I would never allow myself to get because they would be too heavy to carry. Also I could get things that melt quickly, or lots of snacks. That was the bad part, but mostly it was awesome. The delivery fee was only $3.99 and a tap of my Presto* card for the bus is $3.25 soooo really not that much different.

Then things started to calm down a bit and I started to go shopping myself. I was able to cancel my monthly bus pass in March saving $150 a month while at home, but it also means that I am VERY selective about what I use my Presto card for. Like it has money on it if I need it, but I also don’t want to be wasting the $3.25 for just a quick grocery trip when it’s only a 20 minute walk. And if I walk, there’s less interaction with people. Not so much of a concern now but earlier it was.

20 minutes of walking is no big deal. Considering at that point I was going 45 minutes to an hour every morning and evening anyways. BUT 20 minutes of walking with two full grocery bags was not fun.

So last weekend, when I was at my parents for the first time since New Years Day (it was so nice! 20 hours there before coming home, mom hugs and home cooked food, my brother was there too) I purchased a grocery cart! It was a little more than I was wanting to spend but it actually had a good rating and reviews, a super padded handle, and it’s an insulated bag! Easily folds up to store, and has good wheels on it. Most of the other ones had bad reviews for the wheels, which is like the most important part!

So here she is!

I used it for the first time yesterday and it was awesome! I even bought a container of frozen yogurt (since I had a coupon) and I had no worries about it melting before I made it home! It will allow me to keep up the walking as much as possible even after I add another monthly pass to my Presto card when I start working. I’ll be more inclined to walk in the fall with the cart even with the unlimited rates based on my bus pass.

Has the pandemic caused you to do something you had been putting off for a long time? Lemme know in the comment section below!

*a Presto card is the transit card that we use here in Toronto

6 thoughts on “It only took four years

  1. We call ours Clipper cards. They work for all the transit types. Very nice shopping cart. Our store is too far away to walk to. I’ve been going during the morning “senior” hour when it is less crowded.

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    • Yeah I can totally take it on the bus when its too cold to walk! Or too snowy. The wheels are nice and big so I think the snow would be ok haha but definitely when its full on winter I’ll stop walking haha

      Our stores have “at risk shopping” times too! I go right when it ends which is also less crowded since its 8am 😂 on a Thursday! Only problem is that not everything is out yet (veggies that get put away at night etc)

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    • Oh no!! But I totally understand when you have a family to take care of. I’m so thankful this hit in this season of my life because it’s allowing for so many things that wouldn’t have been possible if I had a different job or a husband/family to care for or was still overseas?! Just one little change and I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything on that list.


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