Sunday Scribblings #9

Aaron’s topic this week is Number.

Some numbers in my life right now!

Number of nails broken in the last two weeks: ZERO

How tall I am: 5’7″

how old I am: 33

Number of days into my 100: 51!!!

Number of days in quarantine: 119

How many days since I saw my parents/brother last: 192 (really it’s less than one because I spent the Saturday/Sunday morning with them but before that I saw them on New Years Day)

Number of days until I go back to work: 52

Number of people following my blog: 151 (up a lot since Christmas when I deleted almost everyone!)

People I follow: 32 (again, a huge clean out happened at Christmas)

Number of posts: published (1800), drafts (1), scheduled (2)

Number of comments: 17,000 (approved), 18,000 (spam)

How long I have had my blog: 5 years and 11 months!

Any special numbers in your life you want to share?

12 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #9

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  3. Numbers…Love the 0 nails broken. You’re half an inch taller than me. Time with my current blog is 3 years. Comments are at 3,332. 181 blocked spam. 68 followers. All time views (cause this is a nice big number) is 13,459. 🙂

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    • Ooo great all time views! Woohoo!

      Depending on different measurements, I’m either 5’6″ or 5’7″ LOL so we could be the same!

      And I am loving the no broken nails too!! Three weeks in and for the last two weeks no breaks?! That’s amazing!! My real nails are even growing out far enough that I can see them if I look under my nails!

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  4. I had 60 drafts but cleared most of them out and am now down to 16! A lot of them were one line ideas and the ones that remain are either Guest Posts, or other stuff. But you have ONE DRAFT? Amazing.

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