Kids Say

Another parent email! There were a lot of them near the end…

Usually when you think of the end of the year, students are going to be giving their teacher a gift. But with COVID I had all but given up the notion that I would be getting teacher gifts- Christmas was SO overwhelming with the amount of things that I was given. So I thought it would be good for my ego and materialistic side that I didn’t get any gifts this year.

Then I checked my email one night and had an electronic gift card from a student! HAHA She beat out the restrictions! I emailed her mom a thank you and she replied:

I guess this is the new norm for end of year gifts, I wish we were able to do it in person, A*** loves to give them out.
A**** only has nice things to say about you … and I’m truly thankful for all the work you have put into the last few months.  The videos especially have helped her to maintain that connection and be more motivated to finish the work.
Thanks again and again, I can’t thank you enough.
You will be hearing from us until the end of June as we catch up 🙂

These parents are going to make me cry! LOL I love them and can’t wait to see them all again in September if we go back!

4 thoughts on “Kids Say

  1. Wow, a Gucci bracelet is over the top. I’d have returned it.Totally uncomfortable receiving something like that.

    Motivation would be questionable as well. I also used to see parents try to “buy” a better schooling situation for their kids (eg better grades, requested teacher) or try to “out compete” other parents.

    Mind you, there are actually laws in Australia limiting what you are allowed to accept as a gift. For a teacher where I live, if it is worth more than $40 you have to get approval and fill out a mass of paperwork.

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    • This was all after final grades were set so I think its ok. Couldn’t change the grade if she wanted to lol. She is actually changing schools as well so she won’t be around the kids anymore. But I’ll have them next year!

      Ohh wow! I’m not sure if there are laws around here that limit what you can receive from parents?


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