Nail Art: Citrus Nails

A POP of colour just in time for summer!

Just one short week after I did the peaches design, I was back at my little folding table, sitting in my little folding chair, The Nanny playing on Prime Video and I was ready to change up my nails!

Almost all my nails had been growing out for almost two weeks and the cuticle area needed some attention. I had filed most of them down in length the week before, but there were still a little too long for my liking.

So I set everything up and decided to get a new design going! When I was cleaning and organizing my nail supplies, I found this AMAZING neon pink colour! It’s called “fire brick” and I had never used it before. On the swatch that I made for it, it looks a little lame, but I was sure once I got it on my nail it would be amazing! Colours look a little different on the clear fake nail on the stick than they do on a real nail, or in this case a “natural pink” gel nail.

It’s number 1557 if you order from Vishine on Amazon. Since I’m listing products I used, I also used this nail drill, this dehydrate liquid, this poly gel kit, these drill bits, these decoration discs, and this stamping plate. I also used this gummy gel and this top coat, plus just a basic white polish from Essie. Please note that I am not getting anything by promoting these products.

Okies, so since I was working with a neon pink, I knew I wanted to get some stamping done too. I looked through all my stamping plates and found a lovely citrus one and I knew that I had citrus decorations as well, and so my plan was set!

Then I got to work! I took off the blue/orange polish from the last design, buffed off any lifting gel product, filed down a little of the gel nail, filled in the cuticle area, fixed anything that needed to be fixed, filed and shaped and shortened all the nails once I was done, then polish and decorations!

Of course I made you all a video! It’s much better than the one from the peaches post. I’m getting back into the swing of things for the nail videos! Please excuse the tv playing the background, I didn’t realize it was going to be that loud on the video. It took just over three hours to do my nails and I can’t just sit in silence for all that time.

I am IN LOVE with this design! I lost a slice of citrus just a few short hours after I finished my nails, but I kept the slice and I reattached it the next morning, making sure to load on the topcoat to seal in all the edges to it doesn’t lift anymore. I feel like the nails are a little thick just from the 3 layers of polish and the extra thick top coat, but they are the PERFECT length and I am soo happy with them!

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