My Eyes Hurt…

Scrolling is not kind to the eyes…

Ok, so as a teacher, I get fun and daunting task of decorating my classroom. My private school is kind enough to supply border in simple colours but other than that, it’s all up to me.

Last year I didn’t do much. I was so overwhelmed at being a new teacher that I just put up a sunny yellow border on all my boards, and some fabric on the corkboards to make it look nice, and that was it. I created a few things of my own but nothing like a theme.

Some teachers go all out with the themes, as referenced in the following images taken from google:

35+ Excellent DIY Classroom Decoration Ideas & Themes to Inspire You
8 Classroom Decoration Tips & Ideas for Teachers |
20+ DIY Classroom Decoration Ideas For The New School Year - 2018

These are what we like to call “pinterest teachers” and I envy them.

But now that I have my first year under my belt, I can start to aspire to be a pinterest teacher!! I went to teacherspayteachers and tried to find a hippo decoration package that I liked. But only one was hippo themed and the hippo was NOT cute. I need it to be cute! Y’all have seen my nails and my decorations need to match how cute my nails are!

So I spent Saturday morning on Google trying to find matching hippo pictures to create my own classroom decorations with. But a lot had watermarks all over them, even though I searched for royalty free images.

BUT THEN I hit the mother load. I figured out how to screen grab from a paid site without the watermarks! I spent over an hour scrolling through this one artist’s site getting every hippo design possible! After a while I started to feel bad. I have some photographs up on a site that will sell them for me, and here I was taking images that are a heck of a lot harder to create than my photographs! SCAMMING ANOTHER ARTIST!

So I found a blank image. One she/he had created that was just a simple hippo sitting down. And I bought it! YES I DID I BOUGHT IT! And then I got to download it. And now that I have paid for it, I am going to delete all the other images that I saved and I will create my own using that hippo that I bought!

Here she/he is!

So I can obviously do a lot to it, add props and backgrounds to suit everything that I need to create! I downloaded the largest file possible and I’m hoping that it will work for everything I need. I can’t change the pose but I can add to it. And I am happy that I paid for it so that I can make anything that my heart desires.

Wish me luck! I have never tried anything like this before BUT I am quite skilled at Google Slides now so I will create everything in there. I am so excited to create my own decoration package! Woohoo!

10 thoughts on “My Eyes Hurt…

  1. As my daughter would say, buy more more more! I highly recommend getting your final creations laminated. Kids like to fling all sorts of things at paper. Laminating will preserve your precious hippo πŸ¦›


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