Clean Outs

I have been doing a lot of cleaning up in my life lately!

Specifically, yesterday I tackled my shelf with all my nail art supplies. I wish I had taken a picture before but, hindsight and all that…

It honestly wasn’t that messy. I just had a few things stacked on top of each other and it was difficult to get things in and out sometimes. I wanted to find some stamping plates to do a design this afternoon with, so after tutoring yesterday I did it!

At first I only wanted to find the plates and then deal with the rest at a later time, but then one thing led to another and BAM everything was on my bed!

I did have some order to the madness! The left hand side is my poly gel kit, the nail drill kit, and then cleaning supplies (cotton pads, paper towel). The next kind of row is acetone, fake fingers, the clips I use to soak polish off, my acrylic things, and sticker forms. Then we have the light box and on top of that my little tool box full of brushes, gems, tapes, stampers. Going next we have my sticker decals, a stamping plate, and my little discs and gummy gel. Directly beside, in the white trays, all my gel polish, and the fan of colours match the gel polish. Each bottle had a sticker on it with a number that matched the number on the stick. And then all the bottles of polish on the bottom right are regular polish.

Yes that is a bottle of white glue.

I actually threw some things out! WOOOO GO ME! I was brought of myself. Things I don’t use, or things that have gone bad.

The task I wanted to do was the change the numbering system on my gel polish bottles. The stickers are old now and are falling off. So I took the sticker off a bottle, wrote the number with permanent marker on the lid, and then organized the trays. It will be much easier to see the numbers now on the shelf. As I was numbering the bottles, I found a few colours I had forgotten that I had! Or that don’t really show their true colour on the stick. I have decided on a nail design for today so watch out for a post early next week on that!

Then I reorganized everything back into the shelf. I think I did a good job of prioritizing what I use most being at the front with easy access. The only thing is that before, I had the white trays of gel polish on the bottom of the shelf all laid out so I could grab a bottle easily. But it took up SO MUCH SPACE! This time I decided to stack them. Sure it will take a little more effort to get a polish bottle out but that’s ok!

And here it is, all beautifully packed in:

Next I want to organized my “pharmacy” shelf. It’s a hot mess.

Have you been cleaning/organizing more with COVID? I said I would but it took 3 months before I tackled my nail art shelf so it’s not like super important to me….

2 thoughts on “Clean Outs

  1. I wish I had time to do more cleaning and organising. It’s been that kind of catch-22 where with everyone home I had less time, but with everyone home I really needed to do more cleaning and organising, lol.

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