Nail Art: Peaches

So are three nail art videos in one week too many? I say no!

Alright, so this is the last nail art video for this week, but they will probably be coming once a week or two from now on.

As in my last video, my nails had only been on for 4 days and one had already broken. Fast forward, two days later, and another nail had broken. For the same reason: I didn’t make the foundation strong. I need to make sure that it is thick where the free edge of my nail meets the product or an air bubble appears and it snaps off.

This time, it was my middle finger, same hand, and the air bubble had been growing bigger for a few days and I just needed it to make it to Saturday. So Friday night I’m scratching my palm and poof – broke off. It didn’t hurt which was great! Saturday afternoon I set up my stuff and got to fixing. They had been on for 6 days and already they were annoying me with how long they were and I wanted a change in design so I got to making some changes!

I kind of failed with the video, BUT at least it’s the right way up HAHA. After I filed down the nails, I had three that needed to be replaced and then just three others that needed the back edge filled because they had lifted a little.

So the nails ended up much shorter and now I can type just like I used to. Just a few extra clickie clicks as I go. I still have the full on “fake nail swag”, and even more so now that they are short and I love them to pieces. The blue nail with the large peach is my perfect nail. It is shaped perfectly and, while a little short right now, will grow out to the perfect length before I need to file it back and do a fill.

I know that some will think it silly to have fake nails almost the same length as regular nails, but my natural nails are too brittle to grow out even a little bit, and they are too soft, always bending. So this is the perfect solution for me!

I have heard back from Gershion, and they said if you are using the poppits to push the nail on and then from underneath remove any extra product so that it’s not too thick. I tried this and it didn’t really work for me, but maybe it will for you 🙂 Also, when filling in the nail, you just have to put the base coat on the exposed natural nail! Now I know for next time!

I am thinking that I will be changing the design on the weekend. I like the colour but the stickers are a little annoying for me right now. But I might keep it the same for another week yet. We will see!

8 thoughts on “Nail Art: Peaches

  1. I just ordered some Color Street nail strips because a friend was hosting an online party. I don’t usually paint my nails and don’t use gel or acrylic nails. We’ll see how these work.

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  2. Um, no, your nails aren’t the length of regular nails, not mine at least. I like mine to be short. I HATE the clickety clack noise of nails tapping when typing. Plus I prefer them short for playing my clarinet.

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