Kids Say

Same mom as last week, same email as last week!

She replies: When is school actually over? Asking for a friend…

Me: June 19th! One more week (I’m so totally great with that but I’m also not ok with that) but I’m available until the 30th for emails about work if you decided to just take next week off and still wanted to finish assignments after

Her: Thanks for the offer. You’ve been so great and consistent throughout this quarantine shitshow. Thank you! We try to get things done first thing in the morning but some days I’ve had to submit late to save my mental sanity. 
Has it been more work for you to do google classroom vs actual classroom? Do you think the school will open in September?
Ok I’m done with questions. Gotta prevent my son from ruining my husband’s zoom call now. 🥴🥴
Have a beautiful day!

5 thoughts on “Kids Say

  1. LOL. My daughter is teaching a summer school class from home but there has been talk about school going back to the classrooms with “preventive measures.” She is moving from first to second grade assistant and is really looking forward to it.

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  2. Yay on getting a contract for next year, T. That’s awesome, not surprising, but awesome all the same.

    You’ll miss that mum next year though.

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