Happy July 1st!

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Or as we like to say in Canada, Happy Canada Day!!

Or for me: Happy first day of summer holiday!

It’s a pretty good day! My teaching obligations ended yesterday, I have resigned my contract and am now a permanent employee at the school! I will still need to sign a renewal of my employment agreement every June but I am no longer on probation and I don’t have to stress. We were to have our contracts on Monday, but out of everyone that I know and talk to, plus who they talk to, as of Tuesday at noon I was the only one to get a contract. LOL the grade 1 teacher finally got hers Tuesday evening. She was only covering a maternity leave so she didn’t know if she would be hired on permanently. There are only so many positions at the school and she had come to terms with the fact that she might not get one but she still really wanted it and she got it so YAY! We are all hoping that she gets SK next year because that’s her dream. I hope to stay in grade 2. We will find out after all the contracts are signed. Hopefully in about two weeks. It’s a little late this year due to COVID.

I really only have one concern: the SK teacher from this year. We became good friends but I honestly don’t know if she’s going to be coming back. As of last night at 10pm, she didn’t have a contract yet. But she doesn’t want to sign one until she talks to the principal. She doesn’t want SK again, but she also didn’t really do well since Christmas. Like I want to say since COVID but even before then she was already checking out. In talking to her last night she said if there isn’t another place for her (outside of SK) then she is fine with not signing and doing something else. AKA leaving.

My exercise is going well! In June I recorded 208km of walking. I think that it will more or less stay the same for the coming months. I think I will stop running Strava while I walk. It was fun while it lasted, but I can manually put in my walks when I’m done. I know how far each one is now so it’s not that difficult. I have been trying to be consistent with my evening exercises as well. What I mean is that I’ve done them two days in a row 😉 I got sunburnt last week on my legs so I had to take a break.

The Roommate seems to have settled down again. But things are hopefully going to be changing soon. I was contacted by my nanny boss on the 20th asking if I would be interested in moving back into the house I lived in from July 2017-July 2019. I said yes I would love the suite (my own private kitchen with sitting area/bathroom/bedroom/office) and this was my budget if that suited her and her husband I would gladly sign a year-lease. She said the suite has students in it (remember they do homestays) and that I could have my choice of any of the bedrooms. Which I declined and said I was only looking for a private suite if I was to move (aka not sharing a kitchen and fridge with 5 other people and having privacy and ability to have guests without asking). She said she’d ask the girls to move. They said no and if they were forced to they would find a different homestay, so I’m not moving. Which is ok! I know God has great plans for me so I will stay here for the time being.

I will FINALLY get to see my parents in person on the 11th. The last time I saw my family in person was New Years Day. I will be driving out for one day. My brother will be there Fri-Sun. He has a new girlfriend, his first actual “girlfriend” since high school and she might be coming with him to meet everyone. It’s a little fast, only been together two months, but they are totally going to get married. I can feel it. He’s so happy and I’m so happy for him! My parents are new to this, I’ve never introduced ANY of my boyfriends to them. They don’t know anything about any of them. Not even that I date.

I am on Day 40 of my 100-days of Jesus! Woohoo! The Guy popped up yesterday but was firmly, and nicely, put in his place and told that I am no longer replying to anything from him and I wish him all the best.

So my summer has started! I do tutoring in the mornings, will be working on creating my own decoration package around lunch, spending a few hours in a park reading in the afternoon, and chilling at home in the evenings. Nails on the weekends/every other week. I think it’s a good schedule! I’m excited for a little bit of a relaxing summer.

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