Nail Art: Fixing a broken nail

Yes, it happens!

As I am still learning how to properly build and support my new fake nails, it was only a matter of time until one broke.

This happened to me just four short days after creating my first ever set of nails. Which honestly, amazes me! There was an air bubble that formed where the free edge of the nail and the product joined together. It cracked, and then spread. And then another air bubble appeared on the opposite side in the same place and they grew together and the nail broke off.

It didn’t hurt, thank goodness, and also it was easy to fix!

The day before, a package arrived from amazon for me, a new set of nail drill bits. They are by MelodySuzie and I love them! A big thank you to the student who sent me an amazon gift card so I could get the exact set that I wanted. They all fit perfectly into my nail drill, which I also really love. Of course, by clicking those links you will be taken to Amazon Canada’s page for the products, but I am not making any money off of them. Just letting you know what I’m using.

So my new nail bits are adorable:

You can actually see the crack in my nail in the picture above. Just 24 hours before the nail broke off.

Okies, so here’s the video on how to fix it! Again, I apologize that it’s sideways, it will be the last one! I promise! The products I used all came from the Gershion Poly Gel kit, as well as this dehydrator.

And when it’s all done, it looks like this:

I can already see how I’m improving, just after a few days of having the nails on. There will be another video on Friday! I know there are a lot of videos, but this is my life right now. I broke another nail and fixed it over the weekend, as well as fixed a bunch of air bubbles and worked on the filing and shaping of the nails since I had to fix a few things.

4 thoughts on “Nail Art: Fixing a broken nail

    • Oh no! Tearing off a nail sounds horrible! Thankfully I never have had such a thing happen!!

      And thank you! I’m glad it didn’t hurt, just snapped and off it went lol Dang those air bubbles! 😂 but a learning process all the same!

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