Wow – it’s Saturday

How have you been?!

Saturday is here so let’s talk about our week shall we?

My nails are still on and I have two new videos for you, with another one being made this afternoon. I think I will try to post all of them this week and then move forward as I do my nails and just upload whenever I need to. Posts will be moved to a different day since I am doing Sunday Scribblings and I want to start getting posts out on other days. Speaking of Sunday Scribblings, are you participating yet? You have no excuse. We’re in a pandemic. What else do you have to do?!

School is basically done. We had our final staff meeting on Thursday, and it was short and sweet – with lots of tears. I miss my work family so much! I can’t wait to see them again in September! Just have to be answering emails for parents until the 30th. A few have sent electronic gift cards and that has been so very sweet!

The Roommate is still ugh. He spent Tuesday/Wednesday being in a right horrible mood, and on Wednesday accused me of going into his room when he wasn’t here. Well he said he was giving me the benefit of the doubt but don’t go into his space when he’s not here. I have never gone into his space and honestly he grosses me out too much to even think about going back there. The landlord replied to the emails sent by myself and the upstairs tenant. He said to direct the roommate to contact him if he has any further issues. Now the Roommate wants to be all friendly and buddy-buddy, but no thank you, ma’am! You will get the very LEAST amount of politeness from me. I won’t be rude but I’m not talking to him. I know my heart needs a change of attitude but it is what it is right now.

My 100-days of spiritual growth is going well. Today is day 36. But GP has popped up this week for some chats. He said it was just to check that I was still alive, but we have been talking all week. He was the guy I was kinda seeing from December-March. But it was really just a cuddle buddy situation. I think? He’s not a practicing Christian and that it what I want when I finish my 100-days so I don’t know what is going on or what his intentions are. He knows I’m not dating right now and focusing on my faith for 100-days. I think he might just be bored at home haha. I’m trying to not fall into my flirtatious ways or initiate conversations, which is actually really difficult for me lol, but I’m trying.

Exercising is going well! I decided to start that at home exercises in the evenings instead of a second walk, and I missed a few days so on Wednesday I did a routine in the morning and one at night. No walk at all that day. And then I spent Thursday barely moving because my thighs were on FIRE and very very angry. Friday was a little better. My muscles were starting to loosen back up so I did two routines at night, but I stretched first! That seemed to help because today, while my muscles are still tight, they aren’t as bad as Thursday.

I decided to try to tan my legs a little bit. On Friday I went to the park and timed my sun exposure. And apparently I left it a little too long because now my legs are BURNT and in a little bit of pain. Yay me. So my skin and my muscles in my legs hurt which means I’m basically just hanging out at home today and trying not to aggravate anything more than it already is lol

How was your week?

4 thoughts on “Wow – it’s Saturday

  1. I got me a new fancy road bike off facebook marketplace for a steal. I’ve never had a road bike before so there’s a learning curve with how to change gears, but I really like it. I’m not a runner what so ever, so now I can bike whenever my husband runs. 🙂

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  2. Uggg I’m struggling with staying consistent with my at home workouts. I’m seriously thinking of renewal of my gym membership but it depends on how things are in that place of business. It’s still kinda scary out in the world. I’ve gotta do something. I’m losing my mojo!

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    • For me it just took getting into the routine. Even though I no longer have to make lessons, and my email support ends today, I still get up at 6:30 every morning. Have my bible time and breakfast and go for my walk. Its my routine now and without it, my day is off. Even recovering from a sunburn this weekend – I didnt go for my walks and I was off all day. Start with something small and make it a routine and then grow from there! It’ll fall into place! 😉


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