Sunday Scribblings #6

This week, Aaron’s topic is skin.

Okies so this is going to be a weird one. But when I think about the topic of “skin” I had this hilarious thought come to mind:

You know the best way to eat a marshmallow? Roast it over the fire until it’s burnt, like on fire and then blow it out, and then you can just peel that whole outer layer off and eat it and then roast it again.

smores GIF

I have no idea why my brain has decided that the part you’re pulling off the marshmallow is skin, but there ya have it! mmmmmm marshmallows…

animation lol GIF by SLOTHILDA

11 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #6

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  3. I’m part of the way there with you…up until the re-roasting part. We always roast then eat. Then repeat with a new marshmallow. But yum to fire-roasted marshmallows.

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