Nail Art Sunday: Poly Gels

I’m bbaaaaaccckkkkk!

It’s not like I’ve gone anywhere, I have just been letting damaged nails grow out for a while in order to do this.

So we all know that I wanted to learn how to do acrylics. I love the look of them and I love wearing them. I even bought the stuff to do it. I’ve tried it a few times but I have to sit outside to do them due to the smell.

Well, the last time I did it, I was outside for an hour and it was windy – perfect to blow the fumes away from me. But it didn’t. They really irritated my lungs! And I hadn’t even started to wear the nails yet! Like what was going to happen when, in the middle of winter, I needed a fill and I couldn’t sit outside? Right? Nothing! Cos I’d dye from the fumes long before then.

I used to get my nails done professionally, but haven’t had acrylics in about ten years. I miss them, and I miss the look of having fake nails.

So I came inside and ordered a poly gel kit * from Amazon. Nail Career Education on Youtube did a video using this kit so I thought it was a perfect idea to get the kit. I could watch the youtube video and do my nails all at the same time.

And I did!

And they didn’t turn out fantastic.

Like always, I made a video for you, but a lot of it was sideways, so I just have the first bit and the last followed by some pictures that I took along the way.

Okies so I obviously had much more for you than 4 minutes of video. Some of the poppits didn’t fit my tiny little nail beds so I had to file down the edges for the ones on my pinky fingers. I learned that if you put your finger into the light box and press down at the cuticle area with the little spatula they give you, it eliminates the air bubbles.

And then I learned that they are a pain to get off! I filed the top to break the seal and soaked them in 100% acetone for about 20 minutes and started to scrape. Then I used my electronic nail file to buff it down some more and soaked some more. UGH such a hassle. I clipped off the length and buffed and soaked. It took just over two hours to get the nails on, and about the same to get them off.

So today I am going to try again. I will use the sticker forms instead and hopefully make a better nail. If it’s too thick, I can easily file down from the top. The issue yesterday was that the top was where it needed to be, it was the bottom that was the issue and I couldn’t fix it.

Come back next week for the video on the sticker forms!

*I will not earn any money if you click links in this post. Just links to show what I used.

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