Saturday Nothings

Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, nothing is really happening that is exciting and I only have time to write on Saturdays so here we are, again.

First of all – school has finished! My first year as a classroom teacher is complete and lessons are done. I finished my report cards on Monday and set them to “completed” last night because the principal’s daughter is in my class and there were still two major marks coming in. Not that they mattered, but I wanted to leave some room just in case I had to change someone’s mark. I didn’t, everyone is basically getting A’s.

So no more lessons, but I do have to be available to parents via email and Google Classroom until the 30th to help them with any work they are still working on. The lessons and materials will all be staying up on Google Classroom all summer but after June 30th it will be without teacher support.

My co-teacher and I had virtual parties yesterday with the classes. It was very sweet! I had the kids record a little message for my co-teacher and I put them all together to make a video and sent it to her on Monday. She had the kids make me cards and they read them to me during our party and I’ll get them in September. It was so sweet! An amazing gift from them! One student even sent me an electronic gift-card! HAHA So cute.

My exercise is going really well. I have been very snacky this week but trying to curb that. I didn’t buy any snacks so haha snacky T, you’re just gonna have to deal with no snacks. Since the start of June, I have been doing long loops twice a day which have been brought on by how different my body looked a few weeks ago AND by a Strava challenge. The challenge is to log an hour activity twice a week for 8 weeks. If your activity is an hour then you get a green circle on their tracker. I LOVE THE GREEN CIRCLES. So I started pushing myself to get them every single day, and to do the hour long loop TWICE a day. I’m sure you guessed that after about 10 days straight of doing this, I totally burnt out. So far this month I’ve walked 163 kms.

Now that online lessons are over and I don’t have to have my room set for recording video lessons or live video meetings, I pumped up my exercise ball and will implement an at home evening routine. I’ve started doing 100 crunches in the evening instead of my walk. It takes less than 5 minutes and my abs are not happy but they will fall in line just like my leg muscles did. Starting on Monday I will be doing the exercise routine in the picture, and then just crunches on the weekend.

Instead of doing crunches AND sit-ups, they will be combined to be crunches on my exercise ball.

Tutoring is going well! Starting on Monday we will switch it to the mornings instead of the afternoon. So I’ll do my morning walk at the same time, and then tutoring at 10 and then I’m done for the day.

I’m on Day 29 of my 100-Days of Jesus. Cutting all romantic relationships out until I’ve reached my 100-days and working on my own heart and faith during that time.

Other than that, my summer is going to be chill. Relaxing. I think that’s best – I can continue to save lots of money and put it all towards student loans. I can keep up my exercise. I plan to spend at least 2 hours every afternoon at the park across the street in the shade. Just to have some fresh air and non-basement bedroom vibes for a little. Toronto is still in Phase 1 of our reopening, but all the surrounding regions have gone into phase 2. Only 4 regions in Ontario are in phase 1 and that’s because of our numbers. Toronto accounts for 80% of all new COVID cases in the province so we still need to be cautious. I will go see my parents for a day soon. But keeping distance as much as possible and hugging the dogs.

I do have some exciting new things for Nail Art Sunday and I’m hoping that tomorrow I will have a post ready for you! Not sure if I’ll be brave enough today to get it done but I will try!

How’s your COVID June going?

10 thoughts on “Saturday Nothings

    • I’m going to try to keep busy. I don’t like not having things to do. But my summer job was cancelled lol. I could find a part time job but others need it more than I do. I’ve had my full salary this whole time.

      Curse those trees! Why can’t they just drop the pollen and seeds anywhere but in your pool? Lol how rude


  1. I so admire your workout schedule. I have been doing planks before bed and can hold one for a minute but other than walking the dog twice a day that’s the extent of it. I know it would help my weight loss efforts if I do more but I frankly just don’t like it!

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  2. Wow, all A’s! You must have a very different grading system to us. A “C” grade means students are working satisfactorily at year level (ie at standard). A “B” means working at a high level above standard and an “A” means at an outstanding level above standard. A “D” is partially at standard and an “E” limited at standard. So a straight “C” report card means your kid is doing well. Not easy to get an “A” or a “B”.

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    • For us and a is anywhere from 80 to 100 for me to get an A+ it’s only 99% and above and then BR 70 did not 70 to 80 seas are the 60s and then below that is below that it’s really really bad but what we had to do was as of March 13 take their grade whatever they earned in like the last the six weeks of term 3 and then from March 13 the grade cannot go down it can only go up so student who is getting a C but then for the past three months of online learning if they got 100% on everything because their parent is doing it for them and they didn’t get to see my class I gave them like a B minus or B+ or somethings so everyone had like the grade they earned and then I got bumped up Because everyone was just getting 100% on everything because their parents are doing all the work for them it’s a little ridiculous I had a parent email me yesterday because she was very very upset at the low low mark that her son got on a project that was 80%


      • If a student does all the work it’s a C. They have to extend themselves to a much higher level for an A or B. Jeckle currently being considered for a gifted and talented class and need an A or B to achieve that so he’s expected to be submitting work at a grade higher level to get it.

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        • Oh no it seems that’s how I would mark things this parent that was super upset about her son getting an 80% it was for a final project where I tell the parents that if the students to do everything exactly as I asked them to do then they’re going to get 80% because I need that extra 20% to like mark this down to go above and beyond a major final project so because he followed the instructions to a T he didn’t give any extra details anything like that he got 80% which is still an a minus like it’s a really good Mark and the mom was just so upset and saying that I was being unfair to the students because he’s only in grade 2 and she had to teach him how to use Google slides to make the slideshow presentation and thatThe way that I was marking is more suited to middle school students instead of a greed to students and I was just like whatever I’m so over it you’re so annoying please stop emailing me

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