Kids Say

Or should I say, kids write…

For those of you who are new, this was my first year being a teacher in Ontario. Before that I was a nanny. In the summer of 2018 I had to find a new nanny job just for the summer. I became the nanny of the cutest little three-year-old boy who I write about on this blog as “The Toddler”.

The Toddler’s parents were shocked at how well he liked me, because apparently he hates everyone. His mom was pregnant at that time too and the new baby sister also loves me, and she doesn’t like anyone either. It’s a gift. I say I am the baby whisperer for the family (the upstairs tenant says its my voice, perfect for soothing babies and phone sex. An odd compliment but I’ll take it).

So right before COVID shutdown, The Toddler and I had plans to have a day date just us. Because when I babysit now, I am running after his 18-month old sister and not getting a lot of time just with him. But then everything shut down so we had to cancel. Thankfully his mom didn’t tell him about it so he wasn’t crushed like I was. A whole day going on the subway and being at a museum full of dinosaurs with my favourite almost 5-year-old? What could have been better?!

Anyway so his 5th birthday is coming up in a few weeks, and at the beginning of June I sent him a present. I had never done that before but I miss him and wanted to make sure his birthday was fun! 5 new books for being 5 years old. He loves to read. I would literally have to tell him the library was closing for nap time just to get him home for lunch and his own nap every day. Reading is our snuggle time.

His mom sent an email thanking me and attached a few updated pictures of the kids for me.

So last week, I was just minding my own business when Crazy slipped a letter under my door and I LOVE MAIL but I’m also like “ummm who would be sending me mail?” like it was the size of a card not a bill and I don’t get bills mailed to me anymore. It was from my Toddler!!

When I was his nanny he couldn’t even make an O and now look at all those letters!!! Please excuse me because I am still crying over how adorable this is, I can’t get over it.

8 thoughts on “Kids Say

  1. That is gorgeous. Hopefully you’ll get your “date” soon.

    Did I say this before? But Jeckle isn’t getting graded this semester. Thanks to covid and at-home learning, he is getting some feedback on how he’s been going, but no grade. At Heckle’s school they are getting grades as far as we know – his school would get a big, fat F for communication!

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    • Oooo no you didn’t say that! My report cards are due on Monday, but our marks are to be based on learning prior to March 13th and raised if online learning gave those results. No marks were to be lowered from March 13th levels.

      I hope I get to see my toddler soon too! But gosh it seems so far away


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