Kids Say

Another email from a parent during COVID

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and beautifull slides. The way they are so organized and fun. (we) love them he loves doing the homeworks . I love the quiet reading time 45 minutes of peace I can relax

I built in a reading time once a week so students keep up their fluency up. I know it’s easy to just put the children in front of devices so parents can get work done, but I wanted them to be able to hold and read from a physical book.

5 thoughts on “Kids Say

  1. Getting kids to read is a passion of mine. And a weakness. Probably why the one thing the kids know they can always talk me into getting is a book. And why our house is overflowing with them (and I mean overflowing…I have about 8 boxes of books the kids are now too big for stacked in the hallway, and then another box or two of younger reads I’ve kept in case of one day grand-Barbarians).

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    • Oh man me too! My class is a reading class! Done your work? Read a book. Annoying me? Read a book. Y’all talking too much and cant stay quiet? Stay in from recess and read a book 😂

      And I use my book order rewards to get books for them based on what they like to read. So they are always SO excited for the new books

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