Settling into Quiet

How are you with quiet?

I feel like I have survived the quarantine so far by having a routine and by keeping busy. Every day I follow basically the same routine: wake up, eat/Bible time, exercise, work until 4, now I am tutoring until 5, dinner, write, exercise, chill out.

Sure it’s a little busy but when you live in a basement apartment you kind of have to keep busy. My room is spacious and I have full morning sun and lots of light, but I need to keep myself going.

This week I have science presentations – live science presentations. For 44 students. Yeaaaaa……I don’t know what I was thinking! But I miss my ducklings and I love them and I would rather be inconvenienced by the mild anxiety of video chats than not see them.

Anyway, in preparation for these projects, I planned and created everything for lessons for the last two weeks of classes last week. Which means that it’s Monday and my presentations start tomorrow and I have nothing to do.

It’s a weird feeling. I have nothing to mark today until students hand things in late. But most of them are on top of everything. And Wednesday morning I have to go to my class and do a clean-up. Just waiting for word on if I have to move all the books I have in there that I brought from home. If I do, I’ll be renting a car for the day and doing grocery shopping as well with it since it’s easier than walking the next day for groceries lol. just got word while editing that I can keep the books there! Which means I’ll be working there next year which means my stress levels just dropped a hundred thousand percent because even though I haven’t resigned a contract for next year, they plan to have me back!

So now it’s just me. And my thoughts. In my room. Alone. LOL Y’all I’m being dramatic but also kind of true. I love being lazy and having my down time but a whole summer of this might just drive me insane. I have actually considered getting a part time job at an “essential” business over the summer. But kind of feel like that’s putting myself at risk. I’d rather find an online job and work from home if I can.

I am going to start working on my nail art some more. Once I get over these presentations of course. I have this brilliant idea that since my practice fingers are too small and weird, I’m just going to lay clear tape over my own fingers and then build right on there! Like on my own nails!! But with the tape barrier. That’ll work right? I’m not a scientist or anything but if it pops off laminated papers that people use for practice, and it pops off the forms that are used to actually build the nail, then why wouldn’t it pop right off my own nail that has tape on it? It makes sense in my mind! ps if anyone is an actual nail technician or knows one and says this will not work then PLEASE let me know before June 19th cos then I’m going to try it and if I have the stuff stuck to my nail with tape under it I might not be exactly happy about that but it’s not like I’ll have any plans this summer anyway so having jacked up nails won’t really matter…

I do love a good run-on sentence.

My spiritual fast yesterday went better than expected. I lasted 10.5 hours, reading my Bible any praying during the times that I would normally eat. But while doing that during my regular “dinner time”, I noticed that the words on the page in my Bible were getting just a tad bit fuzzy and kind of wavy and blurry so I decided that was the best place to stop. I heated up dinner and was eating very shortly after that.

But that’s whats new with me. What’s new with you? Fill me in peeps and meeps.

4 thoughts on “Settling into Quiet

  1. My to-do list is longer than my arm and I never get to it because of all the day to day family stuff. It’s winter so days are short and cold and I feel like I will never be warm again. So really, same old, same old.

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  2. I want to say I’m dealing very well with the quietness of lockdown, but I’ve worked my fair share of 14-hour days so I’m not sure it counts as quiet. I’ve been slowing down a bit these past few weeks though and it’s nice to finally be able to enjoy the ‘holiday’ feeling everyone seemed to have at the start of all this.

    If you don’t find a part-time job, maybe taking an online class would help you keep busy? That’s what my husband did during his furlough and it seems to give him a nice routine.

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    • Teachers in Ontario can take additional qualifications – a lot are online only which is nice! and if I had a second job I would have done that but they are slightly expensive haha. I’m kind of excited to feel the “holiday” of it as well. Ontario is entering phase 2 of our reopening on Friday!! Except Toronto lol so a little more time with tight restrictions for us

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