Kids Say

Another email from a parent during distance learning

About a week and a half prior, a parent emailed me upset at how her daughter was doing in math. We had just had a test and the student was so overwhelmed by not understanding that she was crying and had to take a break from the quiz to calm down before continuing (my quizzes are usually 10 questions long, simple answers). For the next quiz, which would be happening on a Wednesday, I reached out to the parent the Friday before and asked if her daughter would benefit from a little one on one with me before taking the test since she isn’t getting any extra support like she would at school. Her mom replies:

You’ve brought tears to my eyes!This is so kind and considerate of you to give your time for her.She has done pretty well with the fractions part but any additional help would definitely be beneficial, absolutely.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!She’s thrilled at the idea of it being just you and her!

7 thoughts on “Kids Say

  1. Tests can be so overwhelming. I think I still felt like that about tests when I was at uni. Give me an assignment any day. And I am not surprised – what I’ve come to expect of you, T ❤

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    • Aw thank you AJ 💛 I would rather do an assignment as well. This poor girl! I know the level of assistance I’d give in class and her mom was struggling with supporting the math lessons at home anyway. And her grandfather was sick and just died on Monday as well. Gosh I just want to hug her!!! 😭😭😭


        • Yeah! The mom emailed saying they would try to keep up with work but they dont know whats going on with funeral arrangements with restrictions still in place (Toronto is accounting for 80% of all new Ontario case) and even though the death wasnt related to COVID no more than 5 people can gather right now. So she asked what to prioritize and I was like “don’t worry about anything, grieve with your family”. Im already putting in report card marks anyway since marks cant go down after March 13th. My marking is all superficial for the next two weeks lol

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