Sunday Scribblings #3

Aaron has provided another topic for Sunday Scribblings. Today his theme is “wrinkle”

I started thinking about what to write on Wednesday when Aaron posted the theme for this week. I had a few topics come to mind, but after all the hatred and death and destruction that has filled our news and social media and hearts and souls – I have decided against all of them. My own spirit can not take much more and if I were to write something, it would be my tipping point.

Instead, enjoy some wrinkles:

24 Puppies Who Haven't Grown Into Their Wrinkles - The Dodo
Cute Dog Photo: Wrinkly Shar Pei Puppy with a Baby | Gracie Lu ...
These Wrinkled Puppies are Just Too Cute!
Want To Buy A New Mayan Hammock Chair? Read This Guide First ...
Capturing Wisdom: 100 Photos of the Older Generation

11 thoughts on “Sunday Scribblings #3

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