Goals, goals, goals

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So here we are, another Saturday in May and another update on my walking goals.

I set myself a goal of 200km of recorded walking from May 1-31. And I DID IT!! As of Friday morning, I passed the 200km mark. Thursday morning I got up to 198.5, but the evening was rainy so I stayed home.

Friday morning I did a full hour walk before starting work at 9am. By the end of that walk I was up to 204.3km! And that is where I stay. I didn’t go out last night since it was rainy again.

I will be going out again this morning once the post office I need to go to opens so my total will still go up before bedtime tomorrow, but it’s Saturday so you get your update!


I also completed two Strava challenges. The first was their May walking challenge (to walk 20 mins, four times a week, for four weeks). I completed that yesterday morning as well. And then I signed up for a Le Col Fit challenge which is to do 300 minutes of exercise from May 22-June 11th. As soon as I signed up for it, I had completed it since from May 22nd I had already accumulated over 500 minutes of walking. I am currently at 640 minutes. I won a coupon code for the Le Col website (which I gifted to someone else since I won’t use it) and was entered into a draw for a bike. My brother has apparently joined this challenge too.

For June, I haven’t decided what I want to do. I definitely will be keeping up the walking. I have started tutoring from 4pm-5pm now so my evening walk is around 7 which actually suits me really well. I eat and watch the news and do a little bit of non-blog writing and then I go and get all sweaty and just go right into the shower when I get back and settle in for the night. It also cuts down on my evening snacking because I’m busy with all that until about 8:30 or so and then I tell myself it’s too late for a snack.

My morning walk has stayed the same, but my morning routine hasn’t. I found that with it being so hot out this week, my breakfast hadn’t fully settled when I was out walking and I felt sick. To fix this problem, I’m just getting up earlier. LOL Apparently I am doing this “working from home” thing all wrong. I’m up at 6:30 now for my morning routine of breakfast, prayer and Bible reading. Then around 7:45 I’m out for my walk, and I’m home before 9 when I have to be “at work”. For this week, it has worked really well.

I’m not sure if I will keep the same schedule over the summer. I have a workout routine I want to try so maybe I will switch up one of those walks or just throw it into the middle of the day. As of right now I won’t have a summer job, but I will still get my teacher’s salary so that’s ok. I will keep tutoring all summer, but it will probably change to the mornings.

I have found that my brand new shoes have already worn down! It shows a very clear wear pattern that I’m not stepping correcting when I walk.

A blogging friend of mine has given some exercises to help try to fix that. When I go out now, since the shoe has worn down so much, it is causing the outside of my heel to be very tender at times. Following her advice, I have also contacted the company I bought the shoes from because I don’t think they should have worn down THAT much after only having them for 20 days. Even with all the walking I’ve done, I still don’t think they should be THAT worn down.

I’ll still record my daily walks in June and see where that gets me by the end of the month, and maybe try out that weekly exercise routine. I’m going to pick up a skipping rope at the dollar store today I think. Maybe some hand weights just to throw in a little something extra. Nothing too heavy, like 2 lbs. We will see how heavy my basket is when I’m ready to check out HAHA.

Right now, my June goals are:

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