Kids Say

Another email during distance learning from a parent.

I teach grade two and a parent was asking if I would be her child’s teacher again in grade three. I told her we haven’t resigned contracts or have grade assignments for next year yet, I hope that’s ok but she replies:

I really hope that you stay at this school. I dont know if it will help if the other parents and I send email to (the principal). It might help. But please dont leave…dont go to another school. You are a special teacher, that all students will be very lucky to have you as teacher. I am sure all teachers are great. You understand children alot. This is very important. Not everybody does

8 thoughts on “Kids Say

    • This parent is the one who told me her son says when he has clouds of worry he comes and talks to me and hes all better 😭😭😭 i love them! Ive had quite a few parents ask if I will be teaching grade 3 next year (moving up with the students) but I’m hoping to stay where I am


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