Working on the Fitness

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Alright Peeps and Meeps here is my weekly check in. I like having you know I’m working towards a goal! It helps keep me motivated!

I have been doing really well! Like really well. Just going to put that out there. I’m kind of crushing it. A little bit. Universe, that’s not being cocky, it’s being proud of my accomplishments so don’t get all crazy and decide to strike me down with an injury or something.

Okies so this is week three of May! Woot! After week two, I was at 109.9 kms out of 200. Luckily, last Saturday was the exact middle of the month. It worked out amazing for posting. I love when that happens.

Unluckily, Strava has changed their app and I can no longer get my running total on my phone without a paid account, I have to actually sign into their website. PPFFFTTTT!

I had a nice long 9-day stretch of activity. But on the 18th I took a day off. It was a holiday Monday here and it was raining all day so I took the day off. So far in the month of May, I have only had two days where I didn’t go out for a walk at all! Although, I have been favouring shorter walks lately.

I have successfully logged at least one 20-minute or longer activity 4 days every week thus far and am on track to be completing the Strava May challenge of 4 days of activity (20 minutes or longer) every week for 4 weeks.

In order to be on target for getting my 200 kms, by the end of today, I should have completed 149.5 kms.

As of right now, I have logged a total of 158.3 kms. Which means I only have 41.7 left to go over the next 8 days (plus another walk this afternoon). I am positive I will get to my 200km mark!

One day last week, Thursday, I had my shortest walk ever! 1.9 km! I am trying to break in new sandals and the straps rub on my foot and between my toes so I walked slowly and just did a short loop. But that’s totally fine – I have a little bit rubbed raw on the side of my foot now which means it’ll be a few days before I put my sandals on again lol

Yesterday my afternoon walk was cut short. I left a staff social party early to get in a walk before dinner. If I go after, I feel gross. So anyway, I am 10 minutes into my hour loop and a bird POOPED ON MY HEAD! I looped back around and was only out for 28 minutes. This morning, I was all set to go for the hour as well. My weather app said it was 15 degrees but felt like 18 which is perfect walking weather! I put all my work out clothes into the wash and headed out in regular clothes. By the time I got to the bird pooping place I was already hot and starting to get sweaty. I decided to skip the hill portion of my regular hour which would cut it down to 45 minutes. No biggie. But there was also construction happening on the sidewalks I take so again I was shorted and was only out for 36 minutes. But that’s probably good because I was so hot and gross when I got back. I don’t mind be hot and sweaty in work out clothes, but hot and sweaty in a regular bra? Ew. No thank you.

I threw in a few sprinting sections this week as well, not as much as before but a little bit. I think my knees will no let me run. Maybe when this is all over, I can get a super cheap gym membership and use their elliptical machines to take the pressure off my knees? Or get a little machine when I eventually move to a different place. Who knows. Winter is coming folks! I’ll have to figure something out then!

I have been picking up a few small annoyances while I’m out walking/jogging. Like adults riding their bicycles on the sidewalks, or children riding their bicycles without helmets.

Question for you: When you’re walking on the sidewalk, do you follow “road rules” aka the sidewalk is like a road and thus you stick to the right-hand side while walking? Which means you’re walking in the same direction of traffic? Is that just me? A lot of the times, I’ll walk close to the right to give space for people to pass me but then THEY also hug the same side while they are walking towards me and one of us HAS to switch so I just give in and walk on the road – but I learned growing up if you’re walking on the road, you walk on the left so you can see the cars coming, so now I’m on the road and on the right which means I can’t see any cars coming?!

I only get annoyed when someone who doesn’t have grey/white hair does things. Like no, you stay on the sidewalk auntie, I will go on the road! You keep yourself safe for the grandchildren I’m sure you have and who will need hugs and more hugs when this is all over!

And I’m finding cars are being more aggressive and inconsiderate as well. Some will nicely back up when I have to cross their path at intersections, but others just speed out and around as if pedestrians don’t have the right of way…but whatever.

Hows your quarantine exercising going?! Lemme know in the comment section!

11 thoughts on “Working on the Fitness

  1. Good for you! I walk Benny twice a day and I generally let him tell me where he wants to go so some days I walk 4 blocks and some days I walk 8 or more. I was lifting hand weights to try and get rid of some of the flappy arm syndrome but after doing it for a whole month with no measurable results I kind of stopped. Think I’ll pick it up again but add some planks with it. Couldn’t hurt, right?

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  2. Yeah, I’ve heard complaints about strava here as well πŸ˜‰ Good on you for walking to your goal! But I do have to question “winter is coming”..really? You are just starting summer, while for me winter is in 7 days *sob*.

    Not that it is any consolation, but a bird pooping on you is supposed to bring good luck.

    And we have the same thing – you should always walk on the road towards oncoming traffic. We drive on the left, so walk on the left. But we have enough space on the sides of the footpath that no-one needs to walk on the road.

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    • Lol AJ I hate summer. Its the worst season. And I didn’t get a spring this year! Like all we had was rainy cold weather, not warm sunny. Ugh summer is hot and humid and gross and I hate it! Lol

      I’ve heard the good luck thing – I could use it right about now haha!

      Most of the streets have sidewalks but some don’t. And when we are supposed to be keeping distance, sometimes you need to dip into the road for a few metres or so.


  3. That’s quite an achievement, well done! πŸŽ‰πŸ™Œ

    I never know which side of the road to walk or run on since I moved here, especially the tiny winding roads with no sidewalks. I was always taught that you should run facing the oncoming traffic, but the British rules are unclear (and most people don’t seem to follow any rules anyway).

    The knee pain is pretty normal for beginner runners… The usual causes are wrong shoes (i.e. maybe you need support shoes), lack of muscle conditioning or tight muscles/tendons (foam rolling can help with that). I use to have really bad pain when I started running, but I,m rarely even sore now so it gets easier with time! 😊

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    • Thank you!! Totally happy about it but we are going into a week of rain forecasted for every single day so we will see how it goes. Sunny and bright right now so I’ll be heading out in just a few!

      I will look into the knee pain! At first I thought it was shin splints but now maybe not so much. I’m actually quite content just speed walking around hahaha! I feel quite awkward running 😬

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      • Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! Maybe the rain won’t be too bad? We’ve been so lucky with the weather here lately… It’s been dry most days (which is rare in the UK).

        There’s nothing wrong with walking! I love walking too. It’s a nice activity – I find it almost meditative.

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        • Oh my gosh its so hot and disgusting! Haha almost feel like I got a burn at 8am! Nasty.

          I enjoy the walking too! Now that I have my routes down its pretty great! I put a hustle on it as well to try to make it a work my muscles so its nice!

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          • I hate it too when it’s all hot and muggy! I always have to try and run/walk super early or after sunset during the summer because I can’t breathe when it’s too hot and humid. Bleh!

            I’m glad you’re enjoying it! It’s such a good escape from lockdown too!

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