Kids Say

An email from a parent directly after a video chat session with only girls…

Just a note — I don’t understand how you just did that with the amount of patience you exercised. Questions about your dog dying and why you don’t have a husband yet…kids are savage. God bless you. You’re definitely in the right gig.

It was the first live video chat with the students for me. SIX WEEKS IN! I should have done it earlier. Girls from one section in the morning, the other section in the afternoon. Boys the next day. Kids are crazy!

2 thoughts on “Kids Say

  1. But they don’t mean to be brutal. They just say what they are thinking. did that question come from a parent of one of the awkward questions? I think it is just as hard being the parent when your kid says/asks something and you just want to sink through the floor (yup, I’ve been that parent!).

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    • Haha no it wasn’t her child asking the questions! Her child is my favourite (ssshhh) and I love her so much! The mom is super great too!! I didn’t even pay attention to the questions lol I’m used to the crazy ones

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