200 kms

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Alright friends (there goes my teacher voice), I made a declaration at the beginning of May that I wanted to walk 200 kms before the end of the month.

In April, without having a goal, I walked a recorded 166 km. Stepping it up to a nice round 200km seemed like an easy task. Until I realized that I’m lazy and if I have to do something then I kinda don’t want to, and now I feel pressured to do it – which is actually a good thing because if I want to skip a walk in the back of my mind I’m always like “how is this going to affect my 200kms?” and then I put on my shoes and I go!

This week I got new running shoes too! They are cute, not as cute as my old shoes.

They have fake laces and are slip-ons. Which is weird, but also, I kind of like it! One major problem I have with most shoes is that the stuffing in the heel gets ripped and scrunched from me not untying my laces before taking my shoes off and then it’s uncomfortable. These shoes don’t have that issue! There’s no padding or stuffing in the heel! They also have more arch support, and have memory foam and a nice cushioned sole. The first time I wore them, my feet were fatigued and my legs and knees and hips hurt. Like my feet weren’t hurting, but the muscles and tendons and things were tired. Probably from adjusting to a shoe with proper support…

Okies, so onto the stats!

It’s 16 days in out of 31. I do two outings a day, which means that since I have already gone for my walk this morning, I am exactly half way. I did a little math (aka my calculator did a little bit of math) and 200 divided by 31 is 6.45, so each day I need to do at least 6.5 km to reach my goal. Which honestly isn’t that hard because my regular medium walk is 4.3 km.

If I do two walks a day, that’s 31 by this point, and 100 kms needed to be on track.

This is where I am right now:

the grey line is April

A little behind on the number of outings, but over in the number of km’s so that’s totally all good. I did push myself a little too hard last week with the running two days in a row, so I had to take all of Friday off. I should have known better. I was a little over confident. But that’s ok. This week was a little rainy as well so that cut down on the number of outings that I was able to take. But again, I’m over the half way point so it’s all good.

Since I’m not worried about how many outings I have, just the total distance, so far May is a success!

Catch y’all next week for another update!

10 thoughts on “200 kms

  1. I walk the dog twice a day but don’t count the steps. Maybe I should. I’m thinking that during the summer I’ll take him for longer walks but today was cold so it was just around the block until he does his business.

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    • Yeah its been cold here too this week! Lots of short walks. I even went out in the snow last week! LOL just for 25 mins but still! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      My phone automatically counts my steps. Of course it has to be on my person – one pair of exercise leggings actually have pockets down the leg! But all the time its on my bed and I’m walking around the house doesn’t get counted but I’ve started rounding up my daily steps haha!

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  2. Congratulations! Looks like you’re on track to meet your goal. That is really awesome.

    Your new shoes are cool! I tend to wear the bland, generic white tennis shoes (you know … “dad shoes”). But they work and are comfy. πŸ™‚

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