Kids Say

Still in COVID isolation so it’s Parents Say!

I had to check in with some parents after a technical glitch. One replied and then added this to her email:

I have always known how hard is teachers job , but I just recently realised how much efforts you put in .I hope (child’s name) and we as  parents will have chance to say  THANK YOU in person in this academic year .(Child’s name) told me ,that he misses you and his friends a lot ,and he wants back to school 

I haven’t had too many positive interactions with this parent as her son is usually the focus of all my classroom discipline techniques. But this warmed my heart!

4 thoughts on “Kids Say

  1. This is great. I have seen memes of people complaining about how hard it is to home school. My sister was a teacher and I know she worked hard. I used to help her correct papers and record the grades in her grade book. 🙂

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    • Lol most of the parents I have heard from are all so supportive and thankful for how organized and on top of things I am. Like I’m super OCD about my material and presentation of it haha. I can only speak for my own lessons but I made them so the parents just had to open the powerpoint and tell their child to click through the slides/play the videos in the slides. Its so easy lol

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  2. Brilliant work, T. You’ve obviously nailed the at-home teaching (apart from a few technical glitches which you couldn’t help). The hardest thing about at-home schooling is having kids with different timetables, not necessarily remembering how to do the chem or math and having to relearn to be able to help *sigh* and keeping the Barbarians enthused.

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    • I’ve tried to keep my lessons as child and parent friendly as possible. Video lessons, different coloured markers on a white board to show the steps, not having to go out of the slides to find other videos or subjects for the day. I’m so glad the principal’s daughter is in my class because he sees first hand the effort and techniques I’m using. Not a single complaint! And he’s never pushed me to do live lessons which is awesome! It means my material is enough without the live interaction. Tomorrow I will have a live chat but its optional lol

      This mom was focusing on math which is fine, its what I suggest. The rest is east catch up. I just did my 7pm check for email (last of the night) and that family has submitted ALL the science assignments for the last 8 weeks. Woohoo!

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