Drive By Conversations

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Okies so here’s some quarantine gossip for you: I may have started something with someone while in quarantine.

If Rapunzel can do it, so can I! Right? Right!!

A little back story, y’all know about The Guy. We’ve been friends since last February. Met on a dating site, I was more interested in someone else (Slappy) but The Guy wanted to stay friends when I was leaving the dating site because I had started things with Slappy. He wasn’t very talkative but I was like “yeah sure why not?” At that point I had no idea what he looked like (no pictures on the site) and no real idea of his personality and apparently I had his age wrong too. Off the site he was a tiny bit better at communicating but not much. It slowly improved to where I could get a small glimpse of some funny moments sometimes…

About a month after I ended things with Slappy, The Guy and I met for the first time. I still had no idea what he looked liked or what his personality even was like but it was an instant connection and fun times. We hung out a few times over the summer and I wanted to make us more than just friends and when I brought it up in September our dynamic imploded and we didn’t talk for two months.

Then in November I reached out just to say hi, and we met to catch up and it was nice, but nothing really so all was good. I met someone else and started something with him, and just as I was, The Guy and I were mending our friendship. Which I didn’t think was anything to be concerned about.

But then after a few months of randomness with this other person, who was lovely and nice and we hung out and cuddled in my room and watched movies, I wanted to know where it was going. But also I was realizing how much he wasn’t The Guy. The Guy and I were getting closer again, just like before, and when I realized I was going to The Guy for things I should have been going to the other person for, I needed to put a stop to one of them. So the other person and I ended things. It felt like he just wanted a cuddle buddy and I just wanted The Guy. The last time we saw each other was the last weekend in February and then I finally decided I needed to end it. Right at March Break. Right when everything was shutting down. Right when The Guy and I had made plans for a March Break meet up which was cancelled because everything was shut down.


So it’s not like this is all over some stranger who could be anybody. There’s history there. Do you ever feel like you just have a soul tie to someone (shout out to Mike Todd for that phrase, a great preacher from Tulsa, you can find him at Transformation Church on Youtube)? I feel that with The Guy.

Anyways, so it’s been eight weeks now of building what we had before. It was slow and awkward at first. And then it really sucked because my love language is quality time and I can’t have quality time right now because we don’t live in the same house and he works in the medical field and it’s just a whole bunch of stupid! But I have been very open and clear this time. Apparently over the summer he thought we were dating, and I hoped we were but “dating” was not something we ever talked about, and he was giving signs that I missed, and I was giving signs he missed. It was a MESS. So now it’s clear.

OKIES! All caught up!

So eight stupid long weeks. Then I was just like “no this is stupid!” (I’m using that word a lot now, I should break my habit before going back to teaching) and Thursday night, while barely being able to move because my whole body hurt from over doing it with exercise, I told him to stop by after work on Friday. I had a staff meeting until 12:30 but after that I was free. And he works a 5 minute drive from my house. He said he’d see how he felt and let me know. Like I said, he works in the medical field and it’s just a lot of stress right now.

But then, at 6pm I got a phone call and he was coming over!!! I had made extra dinner just in case (mini pizzas on naan, which is delicious btw) and wrapped one up and got shoes on and found my keys and then he was there!! He didn’t even let me in the car, but rolled down his window and we talked for literally 7 minutes and then he left. But y’all…7 minutes! Of in person, face to face time!

I did get a little teary eyed for like 2 minutes when I got back inside, but honestly it was just because I had been wanting to see him in person for so long. The last time we saw each other was before Christmas break and the last two months have just amplified that separation.

So I’m not sure where anything is going, or what is happening, or whatever, we can figure that out after restrictions are lifted, but it was pretty awesome, standing in the freezing cold, with my head hovering in the window of his car.

5 thoughts on “Drive By Conversations

  1. Lockdown will ease eventually. And at least you can talk and get to know one another better – and “talking” these days can be done while seeing their face! So much better than 10 years ago when that wasn’t possible.

    And not sure about soul tie, but for The Hub and I it was like we’d known each other forever – an instant connection.

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    • Lol it will ease! And then he says it’ll be good for a month or two and then second wave. Ive already made plans to stay on his couch next time – he had no say in the matter, I made my own plans 😂😂

      The preacher was talking about soul ties in a biblical sense, but yeah same thing with The Guy, instant connection. He’s a major goof but also calls me out and corrects my attitude when its needed…not like it’s ever needed 😂😂

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