Happy Mother’s Day

Another celebration spent in distancing.

Today most of us are celebrating Mother’s Day. Hopefully still distancing from each other so that we can continue to fight against this crazy virus and get back to seeing our loved ones safely in the very near future.

I wanted to share a poem for all those mothers, or maternal-like figures that grace the pages of this blog:

My Mother

My mother—gate to our hopes,
She is the chapel of our homes,
She is our cradle, my mother,
The fort of our home, my mother,
My mother is both mother and father,
She is both slave and master,
She is the homeless of our home,
She is the nest of eagles, my mother,
She is the housemaid of our home,
And the sovereign of our house,
Although helpless, my mother,
She is both salve, balm, and healer,
My mother, the fountain of our house
And the parched, thirsty sister,
Sleepless guardian, my mother
And our sweet sleep and slumber.
She is the lit candle, ever bright,
My mother is the sun, font of light.

Hovhannes Shiraz
Translated by Tatul Sonentz

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