The first run

I guess I’m the type of person who gives exercise updates now?

I wrote last weekend on how my exercise had been going in the month of April. I had downloaded the Strava app and it keeps track of how long I’m out and how many km’s I go and my average speed etc etc. Of course it only does that if I remember to turn the app on when I am leaving my house, but I’m working on that!

In the month of April I had just under 166 recorded km. That was amazing for me! So I decided that I was going to make a goal of 200 km in May. I think it’s doable! It’s just an extra 35km and April was cold and gross so a lot of the time I didn’t go very far, or I forgot to turn on Strava, or I just stayed home.

Strava also has challenges you can do. For May I am doing their “May Walk Challenge” which is just to walk 4 days a week for 4 weeks. 20 minutes for each walk. Easy! It started on the 4th and I got my 4 walks in for this week (their week is Monday-Sunday).

Now, onto my km’s! It’s been 9 days into May and let’s see how I’m doing!

I went out May 1st-7th twice a day. YES! Seven days in a row! EVEN ON SUNDAY.

Now it’s the 9th so you might be asking “what happened to day 8 and 9?” Well day 9 just started so calm down. Day 8 was my rest day. I hadn’t planned on taking it but here’s what happened:

So on day 6 (Wednesday) it was so beautiful out! And I had left my house earlier than normal for my afternoon walk. Work was slow and I decided to just go for it! And then, for the first time in a full year, I ran. YES! I RAN! It’s really sad for me to run, especially after such a long time,it’s more like a jog, but I still did it!! I feel like I go by 5-7 driveways and then I need to stop. So really I feel like I’m sprinting and then walking. I did this 3 times during my whole walk, and had to take a phone call from work while I was huffing and puffing after one of the sprints, but it felt GREAT! I didn’t over do it, I pushed myself but not too hard. I feel like the month of walking twice a day really helped me out with the leg muscles.

I’m not sure how I added some extra distance onto my route which is usually 5.65kms but when I’m running it’s 6.06? No idea! But it was GREAT.

And then Day 7 happened. Thursday. On Thursday I was feeling pretty good about myself and it was the last work day of my week, and I had a video chat with some of my ducklings so it was a great day! Sure it rained a little bit but that was in the afternoon when I was working so it didn’t matter.

I’m on my way around the block again like always and I decided, if it worked so well the day before, let’s run again!! This time I did FOUR sprints!! FOUR!! And then I pushed myself too much and by the time I got home, it took me a solid minute to actually force my legs to bend enough to walk down the stairs into my apartment. Apparently walking for a month did not prepare my legs as well as I thought.

Needless to say, my legs are not happy with me. I needed to stretch my thighs much better than I did and now they have staged a mutiny. I have a grocery order coming this morning but once it’s delivered I will go out for a short walk to start getting the muscles worked in again. Yesterday (Friday) I didn’t leave the house at all except for 8 minutes which you can read about on Tuesday.

My stats so far for the month of May:

17 thoughts on “The first run

  1. This is awesome! Apparently it’s important to stretch again after running/walking, which I wish I knew last year lol. Maybe give that a try and you’ll feel better faster? (I’m not a doctor, I just play one in the comments section)

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