Kids Say

Overheard in my backyard

Okies so we are all in COVID distancing right now so I can’t share any sayings from my students (or can I? Last week I had live chats with them for the first time so maybe that will bring about some new gems).

I say I’m distancing alone, but really I have a whole house full of people. Kinda. I share a basement apartment with Crazy and the main floor tenants are one family who is really nice. Since we all share the laundry room, I say we all “live together” so it’s totally fine to hang out.

One day was really super nice so when I returned from my morning walk I was lucky enough to run into the dad from upstairs. I asked if it was ok for me to use their patio chairs in the back to read outside that afternoon. He said sure no problem!

I go out and I’m there for about an hour and a half, the 7yr old running in and out of the backyard to talk and show me things. Then I hear the 14yr old mutter something about the backyard.

7: GF is back there.

14: UGH STILL?! (as if my sitting quietly on a chair in the far back corning is disrupting his life haha)

7: Don’t be rude! She’s reading a book! She can sit back there if she wants to!

4 thoughts on “Kids Say

  1. Sounds like a teen! But, if my maths are correct, they have 14yr old, 7 yr old and baby? One every 7 years? No. Nope, uhuh, never. You just get them to the really good independent stage and you start again? Bonkers, lol.

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  2. Haha well the 14 year old was born when the mom was 14 herself. So it makes sense that there was a gap between them haha! But yes your math is correct! Baby is due in October


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