These boots were made for walking

Because there is literally nothing else to do!

Since I don’t have the daily movement of teaching all day, I have been making sure that I get some movement in every day. Well I tend to take Sunday’s off and just be a lazy bum in my place but whatever.

So I’ve been walking. I wanted to work up to running, but I think that I need to walk and jog and not run. I have noticed that the skin on my hands gets tight and feels all swollen when I am out for a long period of time. It’s an actual thing, I googled!! LOL From the mayo clinic of course, not just like Jim-Bob from over there who thinks he knows what he’s talking about.

But anyway, so I’ve been walking. I have three routes I take :

Approx 30-minutes
Approx 45 mins
Approx 1 hour

At the end of March, I downloaded the Strava app and I usually remember to turn it on while I’m walking. I’ve made a commitment for May to do it every time because it records how many kilometres I’ve walked. As of right now, our school is closed until May 31st so I have no excuse!

At first I was content with just recording my steps. But how fast or how slow I go affects that, same with my time. I could take my middle-length route and one day it would take me 50 minutes and the next 43. Of course when I’m walking faster, my strides are longer and thus fewer steps.

As you can see, my April calendar was PACKED full with exercise!

The x’s are me recording how many walks I took that day, and the 16/17 at the top was to keep track of day in the yoga series I was working through. But ya know what? I’ve stopped the yoga. Like I enjoyed it, but I’m finding I enjoy the walking more. Maybe it’s because at the end of the day I can just put on shoes and go for a walk. With yoga I have to change and I feel like giving up all the time. Or maybe, I can see my results with walking because I can record how far I’ve gone and how long it took me and if I forget to turn on the tracking app, I still have my steps counted. Or maybe it’s because I can see that it took me 45 mins to walk that loop this morning, can I get it done faster this afternoon?

At the end of April, these were my recorded stats:

That’s pretty awesome!! A few times I went out and didn’t turn on the app but that’s ok, I have my steps recorded for that day too.

So after comparing that image above to my calendar, in the month of April I have:

45 walks
30 hours of recorded active time (it adjusts for when you aren’t moving)
165.5 km of recorded walking
237,834 recorded steps.

The only thing with all of that is that it’s only what I can record. Sometimes I’m doing things and walking but don’t have my phone on my person so I’m not recording the steps. Like a few of those Sundays where I don’t have any numbers written, my phone says I took 9 steps all day. NINE! That’s impossible. And I didn’t have it on that one time I took an hour and a half to go to the dollar store so while I recorded the steps, the distance and time I just guessed and added it in manually. But it is what it is!

So for May, I’m hoping to increase those numbers! Mostly I will focus just on the km’s walked because that seems to be the most accurate. I even went grocery shopping for the first time since March 20th. Like a full weekly shop! So I made sure to turn on the app while I was out.

Are you getting more exercise now that we have more free time to do it? How are you coping with COVID restrictions? Are you also afraid your face is gonna get fat so you go out twice a day for runs? HAHA Let me know in the comments below.

16 thoughts on “These boots were made for walking

  1. That’s great. I don’t record my twice a day walks with Benny but maybe I should. I definitely need to get some more exercise in, although I can’t really use the stay at home restrictions as an excuse because I worked from home already.

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    • Lol it’s hard to work it in! I don’t have to be “at work” until 9. 9-4 every day. A fellow teacher doesn’t do anything until 10. But I get up at 7 every single day. Even weekends. I get up early so I can have breakfast and walk before work. It was hard to get that into my routine. I wanted to sleep in a lot! But now that I’m used to it, it’s totally fine haha

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  2. Not so much because I usually go to the gym and that’s closed. And at this time of year I don’t do so well outside when my asthma is playing up.

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    • My allergies are killing me this year! I can’t imagine anyone with asthma having to deal with this! 🥺 hopefully yours will settle down soon and you’ll be able to get back into the gym once they reopen! I even went out twice on Sunday (yesterday) once was only like a quick 2km Cos I was with the upstairs tenant and she’s pregnant haha but that’s ok! Still added to my monthly total


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