Kid’s Say

Another email from a parent.

We had a read aloud of a book called “A Flicker of Hope” – it’s a book about a candle who’s light is dimming because she has lots of worries and big heavy clouds over her head and that when she is feeling like that, it’s ok to ask for help from others who can make her light brighter again.

The assignment for this particular day was for the whole family to listen to the story (adults need it just as much as kids do) and then if anyone had any worries or dark clouds to talk as a family openly and honestly about it. I didn’t need them to tell me what they submitted, there was nothing to “turn in”.

One mom emails me every day to tell me how her son is going. He’s my only student who is on the autism spectrum, my little starfish. The mom emails me this after her conversation with her son:

We had a conversation with ***. he said,” when I have clouds in my head I go to Miss E. She cheers me up. I breath in and out. And then I become happy again”.

9 thoughts on “Kid’s Say

    • Thanks Janet! I have live chats with small groups of students today and tomorrow and omg I should have done this WEEKS ago! Like I legit just let the group of 10 girls talk over each other until I got a mini headache before I muted them and controlled the conversation a bit more HAHA


    • Thank you!! I had my first live chat sessions today – basically an hour of 10 girls going β€œcan I show you another toy?!” Lol and after the afternoon session this mom emailed me. Her comment will be up on the 21st lol


  1. Ooooh so cute 😍 Well done, you are clearly doing a great job!
    This book and activity about it is a wonderful idea by the way πŸ˜‰

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